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"Flower of Youth" Fan Zheng Zhu Zhengting Wang Linkai's major public surprise surprise airborne prince! Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-09-02

"The Flower Road of Youth" Fan Ye Zhu Zhengting Wang Linkai's body was publicly revealed.

挖掘机技术哪家强,中国山东请找范丞丞! Yes Entertainment May 25 comprehensive report on which excavator technology is strong, Shandong, China, please find Fan Ye! At 12 noon on Saturday, the 11th episode of "Flower Road to Youth", which was launched on time by iQiyi, ushered in the hardest core experience in history—the large excavator race. Despite the childhood "excavator dream", the two "old drivers" of You Changjing and Efjene were also tragic for Waterloo. Fan Li, whose subjects have been linked twice in a row, relied on his pure "excavator bloodline" to shame: "Fathers in Shandong, I did it!"

Hualu Mission turned into a "Tractor Men's Team"

Fan Ye Prince meets in bro

Toward the end of the journey, "The Flower Road of Youth" will also usher in a heroic moment of courage and fearlessness. Long before the trip, Fei Qiming fully expressed his expectations for extreme sports, and as an extreme sports enthusiast, Zhu Zhengting was always ready to meet the challenge. In this episode of the show, the "Flower Road Mission" is finally going to play something exciting-the Neves Valley ejects at a rapid speed! At a height of 150 meters and three times the acceleration of gravity, the teenagers collectively turned into "level one retreating drum performance artists". However, before challenging the limit, because the high-altitude ejection has certain requirements on the body, the "Flower Road Mission" will also face the "risk" of significant exposure! Zhu Zhengting couldn't accept that he was "getting fat again". Wang Linkai's weight turned out to be the lowest in the Hualu regiment, and Fan Ye faced cruel and mysterious figures and could only miserably expose himself: "Can you believe it? Only 120 pounds !!! "

Innocent boy You Changjing

Fan Ye boasted that "Tractor Prince"

Weight crit is only a starter, and high-altitude ejection is the real boss! In order to "make a sample" for his brothers, Zhu Zhengting, who loves extreme sports, bravely became the first challenger! Under the positive infection, You Changjing, who frequently staged a "refusal of three consecutive", also successfully overcome his fear. Before the show aired, Fan Ye had boasted about Haikou, claiming that this trip had challenged him a lot of impossible-"especially fear of heights." Despite spoilers in advance, Fan Ye incarnate "a screaming chicken on earth" "The scene of screaming through the valley was still a lot of joy.

Fei Qiming playing "missing"?

Prince surprise surprise airborne

While everyone was laughing because of Fan Ye, the Prince who had waited for a long time suddenly appeared on the platform! It turned out that "warm-heart bro" had heard earlier that today the brothers are going to challenge the ejection and tricked everyone to come to the experience place early, so it was a surprise at this moment! Everyone hugged together in excitement, leaving only Fan Ye who was lonely in the valley: "Look at me, hey!" The picture of the youngsters embracing collectively has locked the best of this period in advance, and the "Flower Road Mission" also Will harvest the long-known name-"Seven Old Brothers on the Flower Road". The strongest group soul is saving, and the banner of friendship is waving!

Sun Boy Zhu Zhengting

Zhu Zhengting's little ghost explodes his weight

The story is about to come to a successful conclusion. What kind of wonderful experience will the officially formed "Seven Old Brothers of Flower Road" have? Iqiyi's "Flower of Youth" at 12 noon this Saturday, let's find the answer together!

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