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Super Mary Green Standalone Download Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-10-07

Super Mario is the first horizontal version of Nintendo's game on red and white machines, and then launched a number of sequels. I believe that many young companions have played this game. Super wait Mary is popular all over the country, the interface is fine, and the green is serene, which may let you regain the joy of childhood. Super wait Mary is also relatively simple in manipulation, can take you to review the classic, harem network , hurry to the Huajun Software Park to download and experience it.

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Super Mary Classic 5-in-1

Super Mario standalone game features:

1. A stand-alone button game ported from the fc platform, fully re-engraved

2. The gameplay is simple and interesting, and the action of gathering, avoiding, and jumping is all-encompassing.

3, built-in massive props to help you grow bigger and stronger, easier to pass

Installation steps of Super Single Mary:

1. Download the Super Mary Classic 5-in-1 software package on this site, and you will get a compressed package after downloading. Unzip it and you'll see the files of Super Mario's measures.

Super Mary Classic 5-in-1

2. Double-click to run the .exe file, you will see the following figure. Xiao Bian here chooses the third classic game of Super Mary, click.

Super Mary Classic 5-in-1

3. In the above interface, select a matching version to play according to your own hobby. Select and click to enter this version of the game. Click play to start playing.

Super Mary Classic 5-in-1

Super Mario stand-alone gameplay:

AD key to restrain your movement;

S key squat;

J key attack / speed up;

K key jump;

H key to confirm;

F key continuous reading Click to switch single / double.

Super fast Mary customs clearance ability:

1.Break the superimposed result by breaking the gray wall;

2.Surprises are usually hidden in question marks, various types of bullets, mushrooms, stars and the like;

3, the cliff must jump in the past, do not feel invincible state can be stable, still have to jump;

4. Clouds in the sky cannot be stepped on, and invincible is useless;

5. Contains multiple invisible walls, so there will be surprises if you don't have to jump.

6. After the turtle steps off, it will rebound when encountering obstacles, so be careful;

7. When you reach the castle, the higher you step on the flag, the higher the score.

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Single Mary Edition:

1. How does Super-Class Mary capture the flag?

If Super Marie wants to pass the level, she must get the flag. At this moment, you need to use your mouse to draw the stairs to the Super Marie. Please design the route because there is a great danger in the space leading to the flag. .

Super Mary Classic 5-in-1

Second, how does Super Marie jump high?

On the high platform, press to speed up (→ + A) to go forward, jump to the side and jump forward (press and hold the + jump key) to achieve

Super Mary standalone version update log:

1: Optimized performance

2: We are serious about handling bugs

Huajun editor recommended:

Waiting for Mary is really a very fun game. It was a childhood reflection of the post-90s. I believe many people have played it. Super-Mary game software is small and exquisite, it will not take up most of the computer resources, like its hurry download experience. There are also other series such as New Super, etc. and Classic Super, etc. Download whichever you like.

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