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Island Love · Procedure Film Trip Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-10-27

The picture of the leap on the beach is not novel? The sea blue scenery is not eye-catching?

It's time to feel the wave, the lawn travel on the coast of Sanya.

Island Love · Measure Film Travel

Travel scene

Keep a distance of nothing from the coast. The vast desert of the sea and the green and clear grass on the hillside create a strange windy luster to the overall picture. The sea is on one side and the mountains on the other, and the sky and clouds are within reach. Traveling and shooting, leaving the happiness of the strange scenery in itself.

Island Love · Measure Film Travel

Travel photography

Light wedding dress is the mainstream dress for travel photography at this moment. The big V-neck white single skirt with a big brim top hat reminds of Hepburn's full program style in "Roman Mull". The sea breeze blows, and the big skirt swings up with the wind.

Island Love · Measure Film Travel

Travel color

When the small fresh blue and white tone picture became popular, Jingzhou Talent Network , many young companions did not like to fall into the fashion following the trend.

The overall retro film feel and delicate texture make the eyes comfortable and boring. Ins's simple bouquet also adds a lot of color to the picture.

Island Love · Measure Film Travel

The significance of travel photography is to leave an active and happy memory for itself. As an organization that has been entitled as the "Asian Net Red Travel Photography" for three years, it has taken romantic wedding photos for countless newcomers. Online celebrity bloggers with 50 million followers are all taking wedding photos taken on the Beloved Travel. The strong crowd of movie-style travel photos, in addition to the active documentary wedding photos, also created countless travel photos that are endlessly memorable. movie. If you want to travel and choose Bella, you deserve a beautiful wedding photo.

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