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US police officer poses as "super hero" to surprise children in hospital Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-22

"Worldwide Comprehensive Report" According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 31, for those children who cannot participate in Halloween party with their small companions this year, Ohio police officers brought them a Halloween surprise . On October 30, at Toledo Children's Hospital in Ohio, special police officers from the Toledo Police Department dressed up as super heroes, like Wolverine, Captain America, and Batman, etc., sliding down a side of the building on ropes The children screamed happily.

US police posing as "superhero" surprises children in hospital

Matt Slayman, who plays Wolverine, hints that he is very excited to be himself on this day and become a child from scratch. This act was particularly comforting for a child named Orion Poverost. After taking over the management for three years, the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater finally succeeded in fighting cancer, and the hospital also conducted a He led a parade of "don't give sugar".

The Toledo Police Department announced a video on social media that was praised by netizens. One netizen wrote: "This is the real superhero." Another netizen wrote: "The superheroes are dedicated to those children !!! You must love them!" It is reported that this is already the Toledo police and hospital In the sixth year, this kind of cooperation was organized. (Internship compilation: Cheng Yifan Reviewer: Li Shan)

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