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Mobile e-commerce consumption in Southeast Asia grows rapidly Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Our reporter Liu Huiling

The traditional festivals and shopping needs at the end of the year are a good opportunity to hold a large-scale promotional shopping festival, and also an opportunity for e-commerce to quickly acquire customers. According to TouchPal Big Data Research Institute, mobile e-commerce consumption in the Southeast Asian market is growing rapidly, and the rapid penetration of smart phones in the Mainland and the young market with greater demand for e-commerce has contributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce.

The data shows that in the head shopping applications in the United States, in addition to mobile payment, it almost covers all the shopping needs of users. During the shopping season, fashion and groceries are the most sought after. . In addition, users have a relatively great deal of fun with the application of discounts and cashbacks. This is the reason why discount promotions are more welcomed during the shopping festival. The mining of such sinking markets is also a potential blue ocean for mature markets.

The consumption of mobile e-commerce in the Southeast Asian market is growing rapidly, and the rapid penetration of smart phones in the Mainland and the young market with greater demand for e-commerce have contributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce. Indonesia is just one of the huge markets. The mainland is a relatively balanced area of male to female ratio in hot markets. Women have a strong voice in e-commerce consumption. Therefore, there are many fashion e-commerce in the mainland focusing on the female market in the mainland. The average age of users is 25 years old. At present, the main tools of e-commerce are still young users. The main products are 3C electronics, fashion clothing and skin care products.

Nigeria is one of the most popular markets in Africa. Although the network infrastructure and logistics supply chain still need to be promoted, relatively fast progress has been made, and there are already some limited promotions in the Mainland. Mainland e-commerce users are mainly young men near the age of 30. This type of user is the most skilled in using mobile phones and has the greatest demand for smart phones. Therefore, the demand for major products coincides with their needs. For smart phones, computers, Used cars and some medium and large household appliances are the main demand tools. But at the same time, the consumer demand of female users in the Mainland is gradually emerging, and their main consumption preferences are mainly fashion dress and accessories.

The penetration rate of India's top e-commerce market is relatively constant. Amazon and Flipkart both aimed at the traditional festival Diwali in mid-October, and proposed the GreatIndianFestival and BigBillionDays shopping festival brands to create consumer spending habits. The e-commerce market is also growing rapidly following the inflow of the mainland economy, the penetration of smart devices, and the cost of Chinese giants who have transplanted Chinese play. At the same time, overseas e-commerce companies also have great user potential based on their domestic market experience.