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"Daiping" turned into a shopping plaza next year Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

E-commerce merchants who have just sent away Double Eleven and are welcoming Double Twelve are hurrying to shout for "add car". 模式的庞大转换,位于北京西城菜市口的一家老牌小商品 市场 “北京广安菜市口百货市场中心”坊间称为“菜批”,将迎来新厘革。 Facing the huge transformation of consumption patterns, an old-fashioned small commodity market located in Beijing's Xicheng Caishikou “Beijing Guang'an Caishikou Department Store Market Center” is called “Dish Approval” and will usher in a new revolution. 。 After the market was closed at 18:00 on December 31, the 18-year-old department store and grocery store is about to usher in a reform and will be renamed as "Caishikoukoukou Shopping Plaza" to provide convenience for nearby residents.

Sale attracts mid-year-old customers to scan goods

家里日常需要的锅碗瓢盆、针头线脑、五金百货、打扮鞋帽,因此也一直是南城老黎民常常逛的市场。 The Caishikou department store market, which was opened on January 1, 2002, is known as the "Daipi Department Store" by the surrounding neighbourhoods. For 18 years, it has planned the pots and pans, needles and brains, hardware department stores, and fashion shoes and hats that Laimin's family needs daily Therefore, it has always been a market often visited by Lao Limin in Nancheng.

里买不到的水龙头、衣物整理袋、洗脸巾、松紧带、鸡毛掸子等杂货这里包罗万象。 Yesterday afternoon, reporters from the Beijing Youth Daily saw in the market that from the first floor to the second floor, the words "one piece is not left", "mad dump", "leak sales" are all posted on various shops, and they cannot be bought in large supermarkets . The faucets, clothes sorting bags, face towels, elastic bands, and feather dusters are all here. In addition, the market also provides services such as mounting, optics, and mobile phone repair.

Most of the people who visit the market are mid-year-old customers, and many people are old partners with various merchants. A stall owner enthusiastically first said, "Master, your shoes were worn smoothly last time, otherwise you Buy another pair of cotton, I'm wearing it at this moment. "Uncle Sun, who is buying, said that he is a bit deformed when he is old. Although children sometimes buy shoes for him from the Internet, they do n’t always match, so they must be tried on. Peace of mind. There are still a few aunts around the stalls in the Chinese zodiac to choose the lucky characters. "Early in the Chinese New Year, the market will be closed again. Buy lanterns, couplets and lucky characters in advance, so as not to buy poorly in the future."

也让老顾主们吃了放心丸,通告显示市场将有望在来岁4月重装开业,“菜批”市场认真人李毅先容:“主要就是进级改革,除了保存部门商户外,还要整晋升购物情况,引进一些外来品牌 ,增加文化育、儿童用品、维修业、剃头、药店、花草绿植等糊口处事。” At the same time, the notice of upgrading reform posted by the market has also made patrons feel relieved. The notice shows that the market is expected to be re-opened in April next year. Li Yi, a serious person in the "vegetable criticism" market, said: "The main thing is to upgrade In addition to preserving the department store's outdoor market, it is necessary to promote the overall shopping situation, introduce some foreign brands , and increase cultural , sports , children's products, maintenance, shaving, drug stores, flowers and plants.

小而精的小商品市场 Newly positioned small but sophisticated small commodity market

The reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that, contrary to the reluctance of the owner of the market in the late twilight years, for the younger consumers, this rather old market has indeed reached a stage where reform is needed. "Like our younger, online enthusiasts, the number of times they walk into this market is getting less and less, because everyone has the experience of the convenience of online shopping. If the young people buy a battery and mobile phone case they need , Plumbing, hardware, may be a small quilt, it must be more convenient to go to the market in front of the house, see and feel, and then experience a bargaining interest, more lively atmosphere. "The horse who lives in Niujie Mies said that although the girl is already 7 years old, she almost never brought her in. "From an infant's point of view, the shopping situation, atmosphere and comfort in the inside are really not as fast as high-end shopping malls, so it is not suitable for bringing children. Go shopping, unless it ’s emergency stationery, cardboard, headgear, and small items such as skipping rope. They will be bought directly, otherwise they will not go often. ”

Li Yi also found that this market must accelerate the reform process. "The geographical location of the city garden is not far from Xidan, and the young people will not choose to come here. Since the opening, it has not been renovated here, except in 2017. After three levels of small commodity merchants, there has been no change in these years. "

In the direction of slackening and rectification, this year's "Cai Ping" proactively proposed to the relevant parts of the authorities to transform and upgrade. 书,不要三无产物和假意伪劣品。” Li Yi said: "The hardware cities such as electric wires, electrical appliances, and fire protection channels have been rebuilt from scratch, but we are still positioned to handle the shopping needs of the nearby Li Min, and provide small and fine department stores and inherit the ground gas." Li Yi emphasized, The second- and third-tier brands planned by the merchants must have a letter of authorization from the manufacturer, not three products and fake and inferior products. "

了南边一些精美糊口类市场,但愿将菜市口这家老牌小商品市场通过转型进级打造成创新策划示范,并定位为满意市民糊口处事需求,涵盖日杂百货、文化教诲休闲、糊口吻息浓烈的精美型小商品市场。 Yesterday, Yuan Li Xianrong, director of the Xicheng District Commercial Bureau, started discussions with the "Cooking Approval" planners this year and visited and surveyed some exquisite food markets in the south, hoping to transform this old-fashioned small commodity market through the transformation The advanced level has created innovative planning and demonstration, and is positioned to satisfy the needs of the people, including the daily necessities department store, cultural education, leisure, and exquisite small commodity market.


Mediation planning ideas for multiple department stores in metropolis

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