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Use vacuum bags for storage? Girl, your quilt will cry! Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-04

Use vacuum bags for storage ? Girl , your quilt will cry!

Although, after six months, when the quilt comes out, you will cry.

Because you will find that the duvets and silk quilts that have been artificially bought for half a month have really become thinner, discord, and it is difficult to recover. At this time, you know that it is not so correct to say that quilts can be made into thick quilts by basking in the sun and patting them on the quilt. In fact, it cannot be said that this statement is completely wrong. The general fiber "cotton cake" (seven holes and nine holes quilt) can still be roughly converted into a quilt.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

The reason is that not all quilts are suitable for compression storage in vacuum bags. Take duvets as an example:

We all know that duvets are expensive among quilts of various materials. The warmth principle of the duvet is no different from that of other quilts. They all rely on forming a barrier between the skin and the atmosphere, preventing the heat of the human body from being exchanged with the heat of the cold outside atmosphere, and the warmth is induced.

The quality of the thermal insulation function is mainly determined by the air content and air permeability of the material, which depends on the fiber layout of the material.

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No matter it is duck down or goose down, the down itself has a triangular skeleton layout. The internal atmosphere has a large storage capacity and good temperature insulation. It can maintain the temperature of the human body in the quilt and is not easily affected by the indoor temperature. This is why the duvet cover is not hot in spring and autumn, and it is not cold in winter, which is why the duvet is expensive.

The vacuum compression of the duvet is to completely remove the atmosphere inside the quilt, that is, the three-dimensional layout of the triangular skeleton is pressed into a flat plane, crushing its original fiber layout. Although the fiber is elastic, it can be recovered in a short period of time, but the storage time of the quilt after vacuum compression is generally 6 months longer in cities, which makes it difficult to recover.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

Some people say that it takes time to take out the sun and compress it from the beginning, and the horizontal and vertical vacuum compression bags can be reused. In fact, this is not the case. Repeated compression will damage the fiber (cotton elasticity) inside the quilt even more. It's like a small person was hit by a car in a private car, broke a bone, and after a while, hit the same location again, then it probably broke.

The difference with imagination is that in vacuum compression, the level of damage to the evidence should be down <silk <wool <cotton. Why do people always say that duvets or silks cannot be compressed in vacuum? The reason is that these two types of quilts are more expensive.

Someone has to ask again, the house does not have such a large storage space, and a vacuum storage bag cannot be used. What should I do?

It is not that vacuum storage bags cannot be used. The old quilt may be used for the bottom. Quilts made of this fibrous material with nine holes and seven holes can be used.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

In addition to the vacuum bag, is there any other storage method that can save the place without mold?

Although there are, we separate according to several materials commonly used in the home:

1. The storage bag is suitable for cashmere quilts: the cashmere fiber is spiral, and it can maintain the original fluff and elasticity even if it is used for a long time; it is stored in a non-woven box. This storage box is characterized by ventilation and mildew resistance You can put several camphor balls in the box to prevent insects.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

A quilt is provided for each bed, separated and clean.

2. The storage box is suitable for storing duvet and silk.

These two types of quilts are delicate, so you can't wash them with the sun, fear of squeezing, and the vacuum storage method won't work. These quilts are also relatively scary of strong items, so it is best to use a dry box with support strength to store the box. Before storage, the quilt can be washed and cleaned with a washing machine, then the quilt is dried in a place protected from light and air, and finally covered with a dry new quilt, and placed in a storage box to look forward to winter.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

The storage box is similar to the storage bag. The storage box has more space and does not show the small and large middle of the storage bag at both ends. Compared with the plastic storage box, the cotton and linen storage box above is more breathable.

3. The general quilt is heavy and heavy; it is not suitable for washing, the quilt is very afraid of moisture, and the wet quilt is prone to breed bacteria, so it should be aired often. It is not very harsh to deal with the storage situation, as long as it is dry and insect-free. It is very space-saving if it is stored in a vacuum compression bag.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

Although, to remove these methods, you probably need a cabinet with multiple compartments; it is a great tool for storing quilts and reducing space.

Vacuum bags for storage? Woman, your quilt will cry!

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