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Sooner or later, the temperature difference is large Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Large temperature difference between morning and evening

Small appliances for heating in the store.

In the day, sooner or later, the temperature difference is large, and consumer demand for heaters has begun to increase visually. When reporters visited the main electrical outlets in the urban area, they discovered that the annual sales curtain for heating small appliances has opened. Compared with previous years, this year, Ningbo has clearly increased the number of consumers who choose to purchase high-end heating equipment , but the traditional "little sun" has been marginalized. □ Reporter Li Liwen / Photo

Favorable and quality heating products are favored

On the second floor of Tianyi Store in Suning Tesco (002024, shares it), the heating equipment of various brands are put together in a special area. The value of these products ranges from nearly one hundred yuan to two thousand yuan, and the techniques are also comprehensive. In addition to the traditional "little sun", there are still warm-air and oil-tinged ones.

The reporter saw a love affair showcasing a beautiful heater to consumers: I saw that after pressing the button, the two pages on the machine slowly opened and the hot air blew from the inside. At the same time, the humidification opening in the lower part of the machine also began to present water mist to assist space humidification. The rapid flow of the entire process, coupled with the product's "high value", makes people think more like a small air conditioner.

Regional serious person Romies reported to reporters that in late October this year, consumers came to inquire about heating products, but this was the time when the real sales started. Judging from the current sales environment, consumers have a clear hierarchy of product choices. "The city where you choose to use your home may be hot-air, and it is a product with a full range of additional achievements. For example, if you add humidification results, you can dry clothes, and have long-distance opening results, you will be specially received. And traditional heating artifacts' The sales of Xiaoyang's have fallen sharply. Except for use on some specific occasions, like places like gates, it is rarely used at home. "She hinted that Ningbo consumers are increasingly demanding for the quality of small appliances. The higher the quality of the product and the comfort of its use, even if it costs a little more. The product sales of one to two thousand yuan in the store are the best.

Adapt to consumption upgrade, the product is more scene-oriented

As a small household appliance with extremely strong seasonality, the sales of heating equipment has been increasing over the years. According to industry statistics, in 2018, the overall decline in sales of home appliances, the heater is still at the top of the small appliances scale with an annual growth rate of 44.8%.

During the interview, the reporter noticed that compared with the previous "selling products on products" in previous years, the scale of heating equipment this year, more changes in the "single product-oriented solution".

Insider Tang Xiaojuan reported to reporters that many of the heating equipment this year have provided corresponding products for various types of livelihood scenarios. "It's like having a waterproof product in the bathroom that feels the results of clothes heating, which is convenient for consumers to use in wet conditions and baths; in the study, there are small desktop products that can be humidified while heating; in the bedroom, it is fair. The skirting-type product of the operating space. "She believes that this change is actually a vigilance of other consumer electronics consumer trends in recent years, seizing the demand for consumer consumption upgrades.

Compared with other small appliances, innovation is not enough

Industry insiders pointed out that the sales consequences of the past few years are okay, but in the long run, the growth of heating equipment is not good.

"Try to make some changes as much as possible, but compared to other small household appliances, the upgrading of the heater industry is still very slow, and the innovation is lack of focus skills.

Most of them are trivial changes, such as copying, and there are few brilliant products. In a sense, the growth of heaters is still value-driven, rather than driven by skills and products. That is to say, in recent years, some so-called mid-to-high-end products have been presented, but they are still relatively weak in product innovation. "Electrical appliance analyst Xu Yiqiang hinted that the biggest problem of heaters has always been a typical edge product." There is heating in the north and air conditioning in the south, but it is only used as a supplement for household consumption in a period of time. So I chose this industry, which is speculative leadership. He believes that in the future, the growth of heating products will still have an inevitable scope. Only when the quality is basically promoted and some substantial changes are made to the products, will this category probably go a long way.

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The temperature is playing "Hi", it is estimated that there will be 19 ° C today

A weak cold atmosphere will affect our city in the next two days

The newspaper (Reporter Shi Chengcheng) Following the sudden increase in the maximum temperature in the urban area to 18.4 ° C yesterday, the estimated maximum temperature in the urban area today will still be 19 ° C.

The lowest temperature rose from minus 0.1 ° C to 1.7 ° C the day before yesterday, which is also within the scope of everyone's suffering. The highest temperature was somewhat "extraordinary", suddenly leaping from 13.1 ° C the day before yesterday to 18.4 ° C yesterday.

If there is a trace of "respect" for winter in 13.1 ° C, then 18.4 ° C will bring a little "rebellion" against winter.

This day will still be a warm day. According to the forecast of the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the highest temperature in the urban area today is still estimated at 19 ° C, the lowest temperature is estimated at 5 ° C, and the daily temperature difference is properly above 10 ° C. You can adjust your clothes appropriately, but if you think about the coolness sooner or later, you should cover it.

The Municipal Meteorological Observatory said that in the next two days, a new weak and cold atmosphere will affect our city.

Regarding this weak cold atmosphere, there are two points worth looking forward to: from the national perspective, starting from today, a new cold atmosphere will begin to affect the central and eastern regions of China. Judging from the current forecast, the impact it brings to our city mainly reflects the cooling down at this moment. It is estimated that in the next two days, the highest temperature in the urban area will gradually drop, and the lowest will drop to 13 ℃.

Because of the "poor strength", the impact of this weak cold atmosphere on our city is relatively short. It is estimated that from Friday, the maximum temperature in the urban area will rise from the beginning to 17 ℃.

However, this weak and cold atmosphere will “bring down” the fog and haze that spread in the central and eastern regions of China.