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Complimentary laundry detergent and small appliances Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Free pocket laundry detergent, small home appliances, and surprise cards ... These "merits" that seem to fall from the pie in the sky are often generated by the old age ... Is it really "community warmth"? After getting to know each other carefully, I know that all are routines! 者挽回损失4550元。 In Kerri, Ruichang Municipal Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a case in Sunshine International Community of the city, and assisted six consumers on the spot to recover the loss of 4,550 yuan.

On the same day, the Saihu Branch of the city's supervisory bureau received reports from the masses that there were many foreigners holding fairs in the Sunshine International Community, and many consumers were recruited. According to the response of the victims, many foreigners recently carried out trade fairs in the Sunshine International Community. The parties first gave away consumer laundry detergent in bags for free, while giving away a limited number of small appliances. ,商家发惊喜卡一张,消费者凭卡当天付款购置商品 ,第二天可凭卡获全额退款。 However, the gift of small appliances must be bought first and then sent, that is, the consumer pays 10 yuan in cash , the merchant sends a surprise card, and the consumer pays for the goods on the same day with the card, and the next day can get a full refund with the card. A few days ago, the merchants fulfilled the reason, but by the fifth day, when the amount of consumption is getting larger, consumers cannot refund.

商品时,都问现场的消费者,商品买归去了,不退行不可?由于商家每次都兑现了退款,消费者就口是心非地高声答复,可以!因为大家认为,这个商家前几天都讲信用免费赠送,这次免费赠送净水器,也是先买后送,不会哄人的。”一名姓詹的消费者在得到2000元退赔款后,说出了本身之所以中招的原因。 "Because the merchant always asked the consumers on the spot every time they sold the product, and the product was returned, and it was impossible to retreat. Because the merchant cashed in the refund every time, the consumer responded with a loud voice, yes! Everyone thinks that the merchant said that the credit was given away for free a few days ago. This time, the free water purifier was also bought first and then sent. It will not coax people. "After a consumer named Zhan received a 2,000 yuan refund, Name the reason why he was recruited.

8人团队 ,筹备在该市市区举办轮回套路,不意套路没几天就被消费者识破并举报。 Legal personnel met during the observation that this case will be closed. A total of 8 teams are preparing to hold reincarnation routines in the city's urban areas. Consumers were spotted and reported within a few days. 保健品、药品、家电等。 The legal personnel first described that the so-called concession sale is to convene the old people together in the name of meetings, lectures, etc. In fact, it is to promote health products, medicines, home appliances and so on. 其实没有什么出格的结果,却投诉无门,最后只能吃哑巴亏。 The prices of these objects are not self-made, and they are often tens of thousands of yuan. However, compared to the products of everyone's invention, there are no extraordinary results. However, there are no complaints. In the end, they can only suffer dumb losses. "So citizens should keep their eyes wide open, don't be greedy for self-control, shop rationally, and beware of being fooled."