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OPPO smart glasses announced, tearing off mobile phone labels, CEO Chen Mingyong made a rare statement to invest 50 billion in research and development Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

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Six years later, Chen Mingyong, who started OPPO in one hand, spoke again. The focus was on tearing off the phone label.

Just now, at the OPPO Future Technology Conference, Chen Mingyong announced the strategy of OPPO in the 5G era.

He said that OPPO can no longer be a company that makes smart phones. For the 5G era, OPPO will build more imports and build a new ecology.

OPPO smart glasses announced, tearing off mobile phone tags

How to do it in detail? Chen Mingyong gave further interpretation.

Construction of multi-import ecology, AR glasses stand

Chen Mingyong said that in the era of integration of all things, the focus of imported jobs on smart phones will not change.

But it is no longer the sole import, there will be more imports in the future.

OPPO will surround this judgment to create more products, such as smart watches, smart headphones, smart screens, smart dumb men, etc., to provide a full range of services through different scenarios.

Although, like the players in the current market, OPPO is also doing something, but it has also recycled the strategy of "focusing on focus imports and building an open ecology".

After Chen Mingyong, Liu Chang, Vice President of OPPO and Dean of the Research Institute, further shared OPPO's next products: smart headphones, smart watches, 5G CPE, and smart glasses .

From the on-site display, OPPO's smart glasses design, you will have two fish-eye cameras, and equipped with ToF cameras.

OPPO smart glasses announced, tearing off mobile phone tags

Not only the hardware, Liu Chang also hinted at the scene that OPPO will create a new ecology around this glasses, including AR games, AR content, AR services and so on.

At the same time, OPPO also held a demonstration on the product at the scene, showing how to "travel the solar system" through smart glasses.

OPPO smart glasses announced, tearing off mobile phone tags

The launch of these products is also the emergence of OPPO and Chen Mingyong's views on current skills growth.

50 billion R & D investment in the next 3 years

Chen Mingyong said that 5G has arrived and everything is connected. OPPO cares about what will happen after the interconnection.

They defined it as the fusion of all things.

Chen Mingyong said that in contrast to the interconnection of all things, the integration of all things is the future. And it is divided into four aspects: the integration of skills and services, the integration of organizations, the integration of culture, and the integration of technology and humanities.

In general, the skills growth in the next paragraph is not limited to one skill, but AI, big data, and cloud computing will also be integrated into it.

This also requires more organizations, people of different cultures to participate in this to cooperate to build a new ecology.

Under such a trend research and judgment, OPPO has been mediating the growth bias, and the most direct emergence is the investment of resources.

Chen Mingyong also disclosed a set of data at the scene:

In the past year, OPPO's investment in research and development has exceeded RMB 10 billion.

At the moment, half of OPPO's R & D focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data.

OPPO smart glasses announced, tearing off mobile phone tags

In the next three years, OPPO will invest 50 billion yuan in research and development.

Chen Mingyong said that OPPO will also invest more resources in the lowest level of focus on hardware skills, software engineering and architecture skills.

In his view, only focus + basic innovation and breaking, OPPO can have the skills to moat.

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