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RedmiBook 13 notebooks officially announced: heavy industry said that the full screen price starts from 4,499 yuan Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

On December 10th, at the #Redmi K30 # flagship new product announcement meeting, Red Rice's general manager Lu Weibing first announced the new generation of red rice notebook-Redmibook 13 full screen notebook, recycling the narrow border design on all sides, screen The ratio is as high as 89%, equipped with ten generations of Core and MX250 independent display. Lu Weibing first introduced that Redmi only entered the note book market in the first half of this year. The two notebooks, RedmiBook 14 and RedmiBook 14 Enhanced, were launched in May and August, and achieved excellent results in the market.


Xiaomi has products

RedmiBook 14 achieved sales of 400,000 units in the Jingdong 14-inch notebook for 6 months, with a market share of 17%, while the enhanced version of RedmiBook 14 ranked first in the tenth generation of Core notebooks from September to November. .

Lu Weibing hinted that, like the smart phone, the Redmi brand will also bring the ultimate cost-effective concept into the notebook industry, creating an all-metal ultra-thin series notebook, which is one of the first brands to launch the tenth generation of core processing punishment devices. .

This time Redmi launched the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook. Lu Weibing hinted that there are some notebooks on the market. Although they are also called full screens, they are only three-sided narrow bezels. He emphasized that only four-sided narrow bezel notebooks are true. Full screen notebook.

In the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook, Redmi abandoned the module packaging skills used by traditional screens and recycled Bent 180 ° packaging skills. It can bury the display circuit board in the screen and discard the height of the screen module. Narrow border design on four sides.

RedmiBook 13 notebook officially announced: redefine the full screen, priced from 4499 yuan

Based on these designs, the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook achieves an ultra-high screen ratio of 89%. It is equipped with a 13.3 full HD screen, a wide 178 ° viewing angle, and an anti-glare hard screen. The front is smaller than A4 paper, only This is equivalent to 96% of the latter.

In terms of hardware, the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook is all Intel's 10th generation Core processing punishment device. The highest choice is Core i7-10710U. The comprehensive CPU performance is up 44.6% compared to the eight generation Core.

In terms of graphics, the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook will be equipped with NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 independent display, equipped with 2GB GDDR5 video memory.

RedmiBook 13 notebook officially announced: redefine the full screen, priced from 4499 yuan

In terms of battery life, the RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook is equipped with a large-capacity, fast-charging battery, supports 11 hours of long battery life, and can be charged 50% in 35 minutes.

On the cooling system, the RedmiBook 13 full-screen notebook has recovered a new professional hurricane cooling system, an exclusive custom-made wing fan, up to 74 fan blades, a 25% increase in air volume, a 2dB noise reduction, and a 6mm dual heat pipe, achieving 100% Surrounded by all-copper cooling modules, which improves heat dissipation efficiency.

Measured cooling results

In addition, the RedmiBook 13 full-screen notepad also supports Xiaomi's mutual transmission, feels key and cloud work, pre-installed genuine Windows 10 and Office system.

The last is the price. The RedmiBook 13 full screen notebook starts at only 4,499 yuan, double 12 starts, and a 100 deposit can be folded for 400 yuan, which is equivalent to a successful price of 4,199 yuan and a 1TB Xiaomi cloud space.

The detailed selling price is as follows:

i5 + 8GB + 512GB SSD + set display version 4499 yuan, 4199 yuan after discount

i5 + 8GB + 512GB SSD + stand-alone 4799 yuan, 4499 yuan after discount

i7 + 8GB + 512GB SSD + stand-alone version 5499 yuan, 5199 yuan after discount

Working import:

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