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Nikon will terminate third-party authorized repairs in March 2020 Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

The fast-changing camera system in smartphones has taken a considerable portion of the market from the digital camera industry. Nikon is currently trying to minimize these losses by curbing third-party authorized repair plans, and will begin punishing all official repairs and repairs under warranty from the beginning of the year.

Professional photographers and fantasy photographers using Nikon cameras may need to be extra careful with their equipment, as the company has decided to terminate authorized repairs at more than a dozen independent stores in the United States. iFixit stated that Nikon USA has chosen not to renew the agreement with nearly 15 authorized repair stations in the country after March 31, 2020. This means that all Nikon customers who wish to use official parts or repair the camera during the warranty period need to send the camera to an Nikon official repair center in Melville, New York or Los Angeles, California.

The main reason behind this move is the decline of the digital camera business, and consumers are increasingly using smartphones to complete their photography and video demand. Taking control of official repairs will give Nikon more business, which could have been handed over to its authorized third-party repairs to assist its partners. Independent repair shops are worried about this growth, worrying that losing their authorized status and losing access to Nikon official parts will seriously damage their business, and customers will no longer be able to benefit from fast repair nearby. These customers will probably have to face longer repair times as two official Nikon agencies will be in charge of a large number of repair orders from March.

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