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26 years of stalemate. They carried their cameras to the Jiangdongmen Memorial Hall and took pictures! Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11 00:00:00

He was 92 years old, and she was 84 years old. They had been deadlocked for 26 years.

Carry your camera and go to Jiangdongmen Memorial Hall and take a picture!

The 92-year-old Liu Jianzhi and the 84-year-old Qi Enzhi often appear in various hooks at the Memorial Hall for the Victims of the Great Struggle in Nanjing at the moment. Among the house offerings in the pavilion this year, the reporter saw them again-in addition to the figure of the old couple, they also had their professional shooting equipment with a short gun and a tripod. The stalemate filmed the mourning of the victims of the Nanjing Struggle. They have been deadlocked for 26 years.

From brisk footwork to faltering, from film development to digital editing, the couple often took more than 500 photos in a single act. Grandma Qi said, "As long as the body agrees, it will be taken all the time. Let the world like peace. Can be seen by everyone. "

From brisk to faltering, from film to digital, they have been deadlocked for 26 years, and the wind and rain have been unobstructed. "Every time a house festival is taken, the vibration of the heart will increase." This year's home festival saw the two of them carrying a set of extremely professional equipment and serious shooting throughout the whole process. Grandpa Liu Jianzhi suggested that each shot would still be shaken by the origin and encounter of the victim. The lovers of the Nostalgic Museum have long been familiar with them. Everything originated from the mourning of the victims in the first true meeting in Nanjing in 1994. Grandma Qi Enzhi recalled: "At that time, a girl wiped the relief with a white cloth and looked down in silence It ’s memorable. ”From that moment, she and her wife made a deliberate effort: stalemate filming mourning the victims of the Nanjing Great Struggle, it has been 26 years. During this period, the two elderly people walked from brisk footwork to faltering, and the photos taken also experienced from film development to digital editing. However, they are still in the rain and wind, to mourn the compatriots who were struggling in Nanjing. Regardless of the day and the weather, they take the bus, change the subway, and then walk. They ran to the mourning scene with heavy filming equipment. For 26 years, they have never I missed any of the activities in the pavilion. On September 21 this year, World Peace Day, they took more than 500 photos that day.

Donated thousands of films and tens of digits. They were deadlocked to do so. Why? Selecting, editing, and uploading. Every shooting day, the old couple were busy in the middle of the night. At home, the two held a computer each, and they were skilled in manipulation. Grandpa Liu Jianzhi smiled and recalled that digital photos were more convenient at the moment. Previously, only photos were taken with film. Yes, the two have to develop negatives and photos overnight ... Why are they doing this? Grandpa Liu and Grandma Qi hinted that they would spread these photos, hoping that more collectives, organizations, and more people around the world would see, "We can take these photos and send them to society, and we can all have influence." Every time they took a photo, the city sent it to the major newspapers and websites. Grandpa Liu recalled: "After finishing the photos before, we rode our bikes to the newspapers to deliver the articles all night."

Before using the digital camera , the two old men printed the film with the year and the name of the bandage to survive. In December 2018, the couples took 1,008 film negatives taken from 1994 to 2002, 22,286 digital photos taken from 2002 to November 2018, and several copies of their own typesetting and printing. The photo album of "Sacrifice of the Sacrifice of the Victims of the Nanjing Struggle" was donated to the Memorial Hall, which honored the second oldest with 35,000 yuan. At present, during the Ching Ming Festival, the two elders have donated this bonus to the Nanjing Victims Assistance Association for Japanese Aggressors.

"We just hope that more people will see it, engraving their youth, and cherishing peace. Peace is the most considerate and most desired theme of the people all over the world. I hope that the tragedy of youth will not repeat itself," said Grandma Qi in plain language. My biggest wish was private, and she was deadlocked: "As long as my body agrees, she will continue to shoot."