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Sisley lip gloss pencil for exquisite makeup Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-26

Sisley lip gloss pencil for fine makeup

Sisley opens three stores in Sisley, France, exclusive exclusive hot stone spa Yinghua care nurses

Shanghai Ganghui Henglong Store Xiamen Vientiane City Store The store continues the simplicity, elegance and comfort of Sisley, Sisley, France. There are four major achievement areas in the store, which are divided into: product experience area, high-end nursing area, VIP area and Beauty workshop. Professional and independent skincare, makeup and haircare experience zones create a more targeted and private experience space for customers. Here, every customer can not only experience first-hand Sisley's unparalleled skin care, make-up, fragrance and HAIR rituel by Sisley, a full range of products from the French Sisley hair care brand. Professional and friendly beauty staff will exchange intimately with consumers. The customers provide free skin consultation, seasonal skin care tips and makeup launch, and carefully tailored exclusive skin care makeup solutions to bring more enjoyable shopping experience and luxury enjoyment to distinguished consumers. There is a special beauty salon in the store to provide guests with exclusive care of nurses: hot stone spa Yinghua care nurse, plant aromatherapy body care nurse, hand wax care nurse. Let women who are pursuing excellent living quality enjoy the only procedure of luxurious botanical beauty and body care nurses: the entire selection of French Sisley Sisley products, the plant fragrant essential oils jointly developed by the whole process, the long-standing process of professional tweets, multiplication of plant beauty Features. Specialty store care nurse 1: High-end and outstanding “Hot Stone Spa Yinghua Care Nurse” takes full advantage of the high-quality products of Sisley in France to take you into the sensory world of high-end spa care nurses and get unparalleled skin care

Sisley lip gloss pencil for fine makeup

Sisley French Sisley Saffron Velvet Softening Cream Saves Seasonal Dry Muscles

Seasonal dry skin remedy! Dry skin may cause various problems such as tightness, redness, discomfort and lack of elasticity. No matter what season, Wuzhen Tourism Network , dry skin needs professional conditioning and shelter. Dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture and oil, and the skin's natural barrier is damaged, which makes it weaker and more vulnerable to external erosion. Especially the strong wind, cooling and humidity change in autumn, the city brings discomfort to dry skin. In winter, affected by air conditioning, ultraviolet rays, salt and chlorine in seawater, the skin will also become dry and need nourishment and lubrication. Regardless of the season, your skin needs an excellent cream to provide skin with nourishment. For 15 years, Sisley Confort Extrême has launched two day or night creams for dry and very dry skin, to add oil to the skin and remedy dry muscles. In 2019, Sisley combined the functions of these two products into one, bringing a new day and night Sisley formula-saffron velvet softening cream. Daytime protection, nighttime repair, daytime and nighttime use, fit the skin's natural rhythm, and deal with the causes that cause dry skin. The method of soothing the skin: three major functions to soothe skin discomfort, rejuvenating and healthy muscles. A gently wrapped, highly effective protective cream-soothing quickly, as a result, long-lasting dry skin often feels uncomfortable. This is because the skin's natural protective layer is damaged. Thin. To improve weak skin, Sisley Research Center has incorporated Sisley's new soothing active ingredient in the focus formula of this cream: saffron extract, raw materials are sourced from the classics

Sisley lip gloss pencil for fine makeup

Sisley's Sisley brand debuts with Wu Lei in search of plant secrets

On the 26th of 2019 Sisley, France's Discovery of Plants and Secrets Exhibition-Announcement of the 2019 Limited Almighty Lotion, the brand spokesperson Wu Lei was pleasantly surprised to join the guests and fans to witness the world's first high-tech plant refining brand Sisley. The opening of the exhibition and the launch of the limited edition of 2019 Almighty Lotion. From right: Mr. Nicolas Chesnier, President of Sisley Asia Pacific, Sisley, Peng Jiaying, General Manager of Sisley China, Miss Nathalie, Senior Marketing Director of Sisley, Sisley, Wu Lei, Sisley's spokesperson for France, and Teddy Beauty's senior expert, Fife Ms. Liang, General Manager of National Daily Chemicals, Ali Mama, and host Andy, the best performer of the brand's best performance, the first exhibition spokesperson Wu Lei became the first viewer Sisley, France Sisley, with its world-leading skin care technology for more than 40 years, won global consumption Recognition and acquaintance. The brand also leverages cutting-edge technology across the ages and the R & D effort of "pursuing extreme excellence" to give all its products a "sane, efficient, and joyful" rationale. As a classic of the brand, this year's all-round lotion, this hallmark product, has ushered in a limited edition package of 2019. Taking this as an opportunity, in order to pay tribute to this classic product and to better establish the image of the brand, the brand planned to explore the secret exhibition of Sisley in France in 2019. On the day of the operation, Sisley, president of Sisley's Asia-Pacific region, Ni

Sisley lip gloss pencil for fine makeup

After seeing so many kinds of makeup, can you really distinguish the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean makeup?

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