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Australian high-end makeup latest ranking announces Napoleon makeup Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-02

Australian high-end cosmetics latest rankings announced

China News Online News, December 2 (Miao Lu) According to the latest market sales data of BU (bU Australasia), an Australian authoritative data agency, Australian local makeup brand Napoleon Buders (NAPOLEON PERDIS) is firmly seated in domestic high-end cosmetics In the first place, he succeeded in defeating well-known international brands such as Chanel, Pui Lingfei, Sephora, and Decaying City, becoming the only local high-end cosmetics brand among the top five in the Australian market. This also heralded the rise of Australian domestic brands in the global brand market share battle over the past two years.

With the gradual opening of the global market, the growth and survival space of Australian domestic dressing brands have been greatly challenged. Facing the squeeze of several world-class make-up groups, Ruan also has a brilliant reputation and market, and Napoleon Budds has become the norm for local brands.

Australian high-end cosmetics latest rankings announced

Compared with other Australian cosmetics brands, Napoleon Boudes, founded in 1995, is loved by consumers for his brand's bright nature and position. It encourages women to be "brave, confident, and courageous to express themselves", and advocates "revealing the most outstanding self through Napoleon makeup." The product of Napoleon makeup in the world ’s most popular sailor make-up milk series was inspired by the image of the first female sailor who successfully flew across the Atlantic Ocean, intended to show the brave and free female charm.

Australian high-end cosmetics latest rankings announced

In addition, the "selection" and "design" of Napoleon's make-up products have also become a weapon to win the global market. Napoleon Boulders makeup is based on the concept of "makeup and nourishment", stalemate to produce makeup products that do not hurt the skin and nourish the skin. In order to select the best raw materials in the world, its factories are all over the world. Its unique base makeup products, such as "dropper foundation" and "brush head foundation", have won the favor of consumers due to their outstanding texture and original design. At the same time, Napoleon Boudes was also the first make-up brand in Australia to enter Hollywood. Napoleon makeup and "Cruiser Master Classic Make-up Milk" (Small Gold Tube) have repeatedly departed to obtain "Marie Claire", "Cosmopolitan" The titles of "Best Beauty Brand" and "Best Beauty Product" selected by fashion magazines.

In addition to focusing on product development and brand culture , Napoleon Boudes is also dedicated to makeup interpretation. Since its establishment, the Napoleon Makeup Academy has created more than 25,000 professional makeup artists worldwide. As the embodiment of fashion and art, Napoleon Boudes products and make-up artists have become professional makeup support for large-scale shows and visual photography.

Australian high-end cosmetics latest rankings announced

Like other make-up brands, Napoleon Budds is also opening up foreign markets while not changing the local market, especially the Asian market with rapid economic growth. After emerging, Napoleon makeup was immediately loved by many Asian makeup professionals. The well-known makeup blogger Pony Parkin, who has tens of millions of fans, recommended Napoleon makeup "CP combination" in the latest video. In the video, Pony highly praised this perfect base makeup combination consisting of "small gold tube" and "dropper foundation", saying that it uses the convenience to make the makeup look clear and natural, and holds the makeup, while also having skin-care functions. In addition to Pony, Napoleon Boudes has also won the favor and praise of people of all sizes.

Napoleon makeup has now entered the Chinese market, and Chinese consumers can directly purchase high-quality, minimalist and professional master-level makeup from this original entrance. (Finish)

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