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6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-01

Although it has entered the spring, but to deal with dry skin MM still needs a foundation with good moisturizing foundation, today I compiled some word of mouth foundation suitable for dry skin for MMs reference.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

1. Saint Laurent Goddess Foundation

This liquid foundation is compared with other liquid foundations of Saint Laurent series. The color will be white and half. The color is suitable for dry skin and mixed and dry skin. It is very moisturizing, with brightening results, moisturizing and concealing. Degree is the better one in YSL. If the skin is dry and not very oily in summer, it can be used all year round. Some places can also be used in dry weather all year round.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

2. Armani Essential Oil Dropper Foundation

This foundation adds precious skincare essential oils, which is more moisturizing and moisturizing than the old dropper liquid foundation. It is particularly dry and easy to peel without applying makeup; the light feels very good. This dropper liquid foundation does not belong to the high concealer Liquid foundation, but it is more nourishing than normal liquid foundation.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

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3.Dior's long-lasting moisturizing foundation

After applying makeup, it can be refreshed without jamming powder, which is suitable for medium to dry skin, and medium coverage.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

4, Japan RMK water gel soft foundation cream

Super recommended stuff! Dry skin favorite liquid foundation, silky cream texture, super moisturizing, is suitable for dry and seasons may need concealer use. Concealer is the best inside RMK foundation.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

5.CPB Brightening Cream

This is a base makeup that has been boasted by all the bloggers. The CPB Japan counter is more moisturized, the color number is more white and tender, the powder is delicate, almost no powdery, and it will not mask at all. The makeup feel is very thin, but I still have the concealer I should have!

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

6.Korea Mystery Age Essential Oil Foundation Cream

This is a skin care foundation that is completely free of oil. It not only does no harm to the skin and will definitely not block the pores. After being applied to the skin, it will automatically fit the skin for 5 minutes. , Korea's reputation is super good.

6 word-of-mouth foundations for dry skin

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