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Man steals neighbors, maids pretends and puts them on the Internet when the owner sells goods online Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-09 reporter Li Huan reported on December 4: Recently, the Qilian Police Station of Baoshan Gongxun Branch received a report from the citizen Ms. Wu, saying that several courier items of her "Double Eleven" fight were missing, and the thief caught them in an instant Pinggu on the Internet, so angry that Miss Wu immediately called the police.

Why is Miss Wu the item that must be resold on the Internet so much?

Originally, Miss Wu was a cosplay lover. During "Double Eleven" this year, she specially bought several sets of cosplay costumes and foundations for a total cost of nearly 3,000 yuan. After waiting for nearly a week, the delivery courier finally called. Coincidentally, Miss Wu was not at home, so she asked the courier to put the parcel in her yard.

When Miss Wu was waiting for her home, she didn't invent her own package. After repeated confirmation with the courier brother, the parcel almost helped her to be placed in the yard. After "Double Eleven", there are many courier services in the yard. Is it because the neighbors got it wrong? The express brother showed that Miss Wu was not in a hurry to report to the police and planned to ask the neighbors carefully after returning. Immediately afterwards, she went online and hoped to find some more affordable cosplay costumes. I do n’t know the effect, I was shocked at first glance, a seller is selling cosplay clothing with the same online shopping technique and the same size as his own online shopping technology at a second-hand business website. At the same time, Miss Wu also invented that the foundation sold by the seller was exactly the same as the one she had selected, and that the items were on the shelves the same day. Various coincidences convinced Miss Wu that the seller was a thief who stole her delivery.

At dusk, Miss Wu hurried to the Qilian police station to report the case. A police investigation was conducted by the police at the end of the day. On the afternoon of November 25, Zhu, the suspect of theft, was arrested by Baoshan police.

After interrogation, Zhu handed over: When he was wandering in the district that day, he discovered that Miss Wu's yard had a lot of geometric courier piled up, and he thought about it and took these packages home. Go home and open the package to see. Inside are all cosplay supplies such as maid outfits, wigs, headwear, cartoon stockings, etc. There are also dressing foundations, which are objects that can neither be eaten nor worn, and have to be hung Sell money for sale on second-hand business website. Efficacy was arrested without being sold.

At present, Zhu was detained by Baoshan Police according to law for suspected theft.

The police reminds that you should sign in face when absorbing express packages or store them in a dedicated express cabinet. So as to avoid the loss of express delivery due to unattended or give the illegal elements a chance.