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Elegant and beautiful! Wang Zhi wore a sweater and skirt to attend the event Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-06

In Kerri, the powerful actress Wang Zhi was invited to attend the second Hainan Island International Film Festival. On the opening red carpet, a black lace skirt was elegant, calm and charming, which was very impressive and impressive. At the International Best Shooting Scenic Spot Promotion Conference, which was launched on the second day (December 2), Wang Zhi dressed up in a checkered skirt with a banana cream knit sweater , revealing a completely different style, fresh and elegant. And quiet and pure. Wang Zhi has filmed two movies in Sanya. This time, she was featured in the Best Scenic Spot Star Promotion. She was accepted by "Star Push Officer" to promote her best shooting location in Hainan-Sanya. Beautiful impression.