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Hailan House joins hands with three major clubs, and Chinese men's clothing is strong Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

On December 7, China ’s most respected super-class football game, the China Football Super League, held the “Super League Night” 2019 award ceremony in Shanghai. This "Chinese Academy of Football Oscar", the star candidates of the Chinese and foreign football leagues and the Super League each year, brought together 16 representatives of Super League clubs and Super League fans.

On the same day, the men ’s clothing brand Hailan House staged a “hat-trick” and joined hands with the three veteran superpowers of Beijing Super League: Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shanggang and Shandong Luneng. Surprise.

Hailan House joins hands with three major clubs, and Chinese men's clothing is strong

Respect, love and more faith, Hailan House supports the three major clubs of the Super League

The new slogan of "exceeding color" in the 2019 Chinese Super League is behind the "excellent" in the Chinese Super League, which is the love and belief of Chinese footballers. Beijing Guoan is the representative of the Super League club in China. It has won four FA Cup championships, one Super League championship and two Chinese Football Super Cup championships. Shanghai Shanggang proudly won the cup last season, with the title of "Championship Master" and one of the four strongest teams in the AFC Champions League. Shandong Luneng is the traditional superpower of the Chinese Super League. It has won the FA Cup championship five times and the Chinese Super League championship four times. The three club teams are strong and frequently shine, ranking second, third, and fifth in the just-completed 2019 Super League.

Except that they are all super clubs in the Super League, the three teams have not been sending talents to the national team for the past few years. National football forwards Wei Shihao, Yu Dabao, forward Pu Cheng, midfielder Chi Zhongguo, and defender Yu Yang are from Beijing Guoan. Shandong Luneng was not to be outdone, honoured the midfielders Hao Junmin and Jin Jingdao, defender Liu Yang and goalkeeper Wang Dalei all four outstanding players. Shanghai Shanghai Port is an important nutrition supply for the national team. In addition to defender Shi Ke, there is still Yan Junling, "the best goalkeeper in China today."

In his speech, Mr. Huang Qi, the brand ambassador of Hailan House, repeatedly emphasized: "Don't be afraid of strong opponents, fight hard to kill. In these three teams, we can see the spirit of Chinese football. This is also the choice of Hailan House. The important reason to help these three clubs is to create a brand new dress for the top teams in the Super League. The goal is also to reveal such spirit and promote Chinese football to grow with a new image. "

Hailan House joins hands with three major clubs, and Chinese men's clothing is strong

At the announcement meeting of the assistant officials, the vast number of "character figures" in the vast Chinese football industry attended. During the signing ceremony, the club led a hint: "I'm very excited to see that Hailan House, as the representative brand of Chinese men's clothing, cares so much about the Chinese football industry and tries its best to urge the growth of Chinese football. Like the theme of this Super League night, respect, love, joy In the future, I hope that one day I will be able to see Chinese football with thorns and blooming side by side! "

Hailan House joins hands with three major clubs, and Chinese men's clothing is strong

The announcement showed live dress tailored by Hailan House for the three team members, showing the excellent quality made in China. The official announcements with Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shanghai Port, and Shandong Luneng will also officially kick off the support of Hailan House and Chinese football. The brand conviction of the people ’s brand in China ’s sports industry is developing and fermenting, reporting to China A beautiful vision of menswear and Chinese football.

The football dream leads to the Chinese dream

This global move of football has a mass base in China. According to statistics, 73% of fans in China are men. The number of major fan groups spans 30-39 years of age, and the number of young fans is also growing rapidly. These people are the main audience of the men's clothing brand Hailan House. Every Chinese fan has his dream of Chinese football, sad but also happy, still waiting for the "sweat moment" of Chinese football to come.

The China Menswear Hailan House is dedicated to cultivating Chinese fashion wealth for more than ten years. It has nearly 5,000 stores at home and vast overseas stores. As a benchmark brand that serves hundreds of millions of men from China to the world, it has been keeping up with the country's innovation steps, introducing technological fabrics, advanced technology, fully automatic chemical fields, etc., and constantly improving into China's manufacturing excellence. At the same time, Hailan House has been thinking about how to use its own resource advantages to help the growth of China's sports industry, carry out new experiments and explorations on the scale of corporate social responsibility, and implement high-quality system-wide social responsibility.

Hailan House joins hands with three major clubs, and Chinese men's clothing is strong

Hailan House knows that the football dream is the dream of the Chinese man. The Chinese man is eager for Chinese football to "run out of Asia and go global" and achieve brilliant results in international competitions. As a common men's clothing brand, Hailan House will stand together with Chinese men and start to grow with Chinese football by holding super-first-class clubs. The experiment will urge Chinese football to make great progress in an increasingly active and dynamic way, helping to realize Chinese football Dream of a great country!