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Give you a free experience to be careful routine Wenzhou remediation health care market chaos Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-10

Wenzhou Network News Yesterday, the reporter met from the Wenzhou Market Surveillance and Routine Bureau, planning to further order the type of health product market, and effectively remedying the chaos in the health product market. The hospital, the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and other relevant departments jointly launched a special rectification action on the health care product market in the city, severely impacted the illegal behavior of the health care product market, and investigated and punished a group of illegal marketing operations such as false propaganda, consumer fraud, and illegal sales. Means of abducting consumers, especially the twilight age, have created major high-pressure situations to rectify the chaos in the health care product market.

At the end of the current period, the Wenzhou City Supervisory Department has inspected 31,501 food and health food production planning enterprises and non-physical store planning units, and filed and investigated 803 cases of food and health food fraud and false publicity. The fines amounted to 4.844 million yuan. Zero 150 (cancellation, shutdown, transfer) home.

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Cangnan County Jianle Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. operates the "Experience Marketing" method to exaggerate the functions and health care results of its products through videos and images, and in the product promotion, it is suspected that it will operate with the company's products through a series of inductive methods. Irrelevant content and patient images mislead consumers ... In January 2019, the company was investigated and punished by the Cangnan County Market Surveillance and Routine Bureau for suspected false publicity.

On January 10, 2019, after grasping the reliable clues, the legal personnel of the Bureau's Fanshan City Superintendent raided the medical device company and invented on the spot that the products on the computer in the company's experience zone were described by authoritative doctors and CCTV. Information such as reports and other key evidence are suspected of false propaganda.

After investigation, Guo and Chen were related to each other. In January 2018, Chen established Cangnan Jiancheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. in Yishan Town, and adopted experiential marketing to sell medical devices, and was subsequently accepted by Yishan Town in July 2018. United Nations law was banned. Since then, Guo established Cangnan County Jianle Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Fanshan Town from scratch in August 2018, inheriting the sales of similar products through experiential marketing. The company operates "experiential marketing" means, through a series of inductive methods such as "psychological manifestation", "small favors" and "hungry marketing", operating content that is not related to the company's product results and patient images mislead consumers and price the market at the same price The 2,000 yuan Your Potential Therapy Device is sold at a high price, and the product is exaggerated to have clear treatment results for stroke, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

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The five or six people circled in a private circle, holding a thin disc-shaped so-called optical quantum instrument in their hands, constantly fanning the sick students, exclaiming, "It has been alleviated and the cysts have been reduced." The farce is ridiculous. In September of this year, part of the ban on Wenzhou market was passed. The comprehensive administrative law team of the Wenzhou market banned the city and county linkage to solve a case of false marketing fraud involving recruiting students in the name of operating health and tricking the students into purchasing the so-called “photon quantum meter”. It was verified that the number of trainees in the "health class" was 260, and 3 sessions were held up to the time of the case, and the total amount involved was 2.37 million yuan.

On July 17, this year, through the clue provided by the 12345 government affairs hotline: From July 24th to 28th, the group headed by Cheng Moumou will hold a "Chinese medicine" for 5 days at a hotel in Laiquan scenery area of Taishun. Health China Classroom. " According to the trivial clues, the study began to explain that the classroom is probably suspected of false publicity and pyramid schemes of new health care products, and also suspected of fraud. In this regard, the Municipal Market Embargo Bureau attaches great importance to the initiative, on the one hand, formulate a detailed observation plan, set up a deployment control group, observation group, security group and other parts to create a "7 · 17" task force.

After investigation, the group has separated from 2016 to conduct multiple public training sessions in Fujian, Anhui and other places to grow students. Since this year, he has flown to Lucheng, Erhai and other places, receiving local trainees under the names of "National Clan" and "Break Valley Health" to form a gang with a reliable operating model. Since May this year, the gang has been holding a "health class" at a large hotel in Laiquan, Taishun County, at the end of each month. In this regard, legal personnel believe that the group organized false propaganda under the name of "Chinese Traditional Medicine and Health China University Class" and allegedly violated the provisions of Article 8 of the "Anti-Illegal Competition Law" to constitute false propaganda to deceive misleading consumers. Illegal behavior.