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"Every day 3.15" female consumer complaints from Jinchang: skin corruption was disfigured after taking health food (pictured) Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-10

Daily Gansu Network February 26th (New Gansu • Daily Gansu Network reporter Jin Fenggan) "3 · 15" International Consumers ' Rights Day is about to come down. In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers , and create a more peaceful and secure consumption situation, day by day Gansu Network linked the Gansu Provincial Market Surveillance R & D Bureau, Gansu Provincial Drug Surveillance R & D Bureau, and other parts, and started the daily's "March 3.15-Rights Protection Surveillance Month Activities" in 2019 on a daily basis . Today, Yuechangs of Jinchang City called the Daily Gansu News Hotline (0931-7550315) and reported that she purchased health foods in the mainland and showed symptoms of skin corruption and other symptoms during the taking process. I hope that the relevant parts will be observed to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests. .


Photos of body corruption provided by Yue Misi

Complaint : Health Food Makes Me Disfigured

"I was miserable by this kind of health food. After taking it for a period of time, my skin showed allergies, peeling and decay, which affected my normal livelihood ..." This morning, Yue Mi Si, who lives in Jinchang City, said: 2018 On June 8, she washed her feet at a Tibetan Shutang foot bath shop in Jinchuan District, Jinchang City. At that time, the store recommended to her a health food called Northern Gene Small Molecule Peptide, saying that this health food function is very good. Can cure angina pectoris, insomnia, migraine, stomach problems, uterine fibroids and other diseases. Permanent use can delay aging for 20 years and delay life for 30 years. Yan Ping, the owner of the store, said that he was also eating this kind of health food.

"After listening to the introduction, I bought a box for 690 yuan, and then took it one after another. The other person told me about the strengths of being a member, and let me upgrade from a member to intermediate and advanced. In this way, the consumer products will be more and more in the future. Self-control. "Yue Misi said, during taking health food, she showed symptoms such as red eyes, toothache, etc. Yan Ping said that it was a detox response and reassured her.

"When I eat until July, my ears, face, neck, and hands are starting to rot. It is indeed" disfiguration. " I have to show these symptoms once in my life. Unexpectedly, at the end of July, Yue Misi's neck was unable to dress because of corruption, and one of her partners planned to respond to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. At this time, Yan Ping called a manager of the health food manufacturer Zhang to talk about the matter, and the other party prevented Yue Misi from going to the Industry and Commerce Bureau, suggesting that she was willing to deal with the punishment in private. Later, through the signing of an agreement, the 33,700 yuan spent on health food purchase by Yue Misi was returned.

"For several months, I have been running around to see a doctor, and it cost me more than 100,000 yuan, which seriously affected my normal livelihood. I hope that the market confinement section will immediately start observations to help me recover losses and safeguard my legitimate rights and interests. "


Departmental promotional content of the health food provided by Yue Misi

Shop side: I think the product is OK

Regarding the environment in which Yue Misi responded, the reporter contacted Yan Ping, owner of the Tibetan Shutang foot bath shop in Jinchang. "The environment and products of Yue Misi's reaction have no relationship. I think our products are no problem. For the first time, she bought health food in my store, and then the factory sold it directly to her." Yan Ping said on the phone. , Their products have quality inspection reports, there will be no quality problems. After Yue Misi showed symptoms of skin corruption, she also worked hard to assist in negotiating and punishing the matter. The company dealt with the punishment in private, signed an agreement, and refunded 33,700 yuan to Yue Mis.

Food and Drug Administration: Observation and response to superiors

This morning, Zhao Jinfei, the director of Jinchuan Road Food and Drug Research Institute of Jinchang City, hinted that before the Spring Festival this year, Yue Misi responded to the industrial and commercial department and Jinchuan Road Food and Drug Research Institute. The legal staff of the Food and Drug Research Institute went to the foot bath shop to conduct a field observation. However, the foot bath shop cannot provide health foods such as northern gene small molecule peptides, and the shop owner said that he did not plan such health foods, and the evidence is not solid. In response to the circumstances surrounding Yue Misi's complaint , the legal staff of the Food and Drug Administration hinted that it would conduct observations and respond to higher authorities. Day by day, Gansu Network will continue to care about this matter.

Two channels are waiting for you to complain:

During the period of “15.15 every month—activities surveillance month”, the Gansu network will open a rights protection hotline day by day, take over complaints from netizens, and hold exposure to some actions that infringe on consumer rights.

1. Log in to the daily Gansu Network "Gansu Network Administration and Rights Protection Platform", and report your difficulties in consumer infringement here, and leave a contact method.

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