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Gathering the Sheshan Liren brand to create a new super nut leisure product Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

On the member e-commerce congregation (NASDAQ: YJ), the leisure nut brand "Sanliren" is being favored by more and more users.

On November 15th of this year, "Shanrenren" branded for the first time as a "super product plan" to help brands , and newly added canned mixed nuts, paper peel walnuts, pecan kernels and other products in Yunji. On December 10th, the sales of "Shanrenren" (including the pre-sale of the "12.12 Explosion Ceremony") have reached 2.3 million yuan.

Since October 21, Yunji first announced the supply chain 3.0 strategy upgrade and launched the "Super Product Intent", many "Super Product" brands have achieved great results. On December 2nd, "Good Maiduo" Chia Seed Cereal Fruit Oatmeal sold 2.3 million yuan a day; Vietnam, the "Firefly" high-end shampoo products sold 1 million yuan in 50 minutes, the total sales that day reached 3 million yuan.

The reporter was informed that Yunji has been led by CMO Hu Jianjian to set up the Super Product Division to undertake the implementation of the "Super Product Plan". In the future, Yunji will incubate 100 high-quality, high-value, high cost-effective, high-volume new consumer brands on the Yunji platform through partnership / investment, ODM and other forms.

Gathering helps Shanliren launch online retail

As an old-fashioned nut processing enterprise, Shanliren has gone through 21 years.

In 1998, Shanliren opened in Ningguo City, Xuancheng, Anhui, and gradually grew into a product and service provider and brand operator integrating market research, product research and development, supply chain management, quality review, and channel sales. Shanliren now has the ability to produce 6 million to 10 million bags per month. The focus is on pecans and mixed nuts.

Gather with Shanliren brand to create a new super nut leisure product

Shanliren's modern nut snack product processing workshop. (Photo by Shan Liren)

Li Jingbin, a serious person in the marketing department of Shanliren, reported to reporters that, for a long time, Shanliren has mainly sold off-line supermarkets. However, after your Excellency in 2017, the company's invention of offline competition became fierce, and Shan Liren set his sights on online channels, especially the emerging social e-commerce platform. It was also in 2017 that Shan Liren first settled in the gathering.

He explained that the emerging e-commerce platforms such as Yunji have changed the traditional "person-finding" model of e-commerce to the "person-finding" model, making it easier for good products to match the policy users. Therefore, when choosing the online retail channel, Shanliren chose the social e-commerce platform represented by Yunji first.

Out of the emphasis on branding and online retailing, "In 2018, we specially created a marketing department that conscientiously operates the 'Sanriren' brand, and has a full-time e-commerce team." Li Jingbin introduced. After Yunji launched the "Super Product Plan" on October 21 this year, Yamarito became one of the first "Super Product" help brands in Yunji.

Li Jingbin believes that, unlike Shan Liren's previous relationship with Yunji's single "supply-sell" relationship, and intervening in "super quality plans", the level of assistance on both sides has further deepened. The reporter also knew that at the end of December, Yunji will link with Shanliren to promote public welfare activities, hold condolences and give away gift packages for the elderly in the elderly homes for the poor in Kouan Town, Ningguo City, Anhui Province, including gift couplets and Shanliren products on sale.

Some serious people related to Yunji ’s “Super Product” business have suggested that after extensive market research, Yunji favored Shanliren ’s product development and production skills, which is in line with Yunji ’s ultimate “selective” supply chain strategy. At the same time, Yunji has a limited and complex user group, and there is a strong demand for casual snacks. Yunji hopes that in the assistance of “Super Product Plan”, through the insight into consumer needs, it can provide millions of members of Yunji with health and leisure nuts that are more suitable for their appetite, packaging, and value.

According to the sample data provided by Yunji, 95% of the users on Yunji are women, and 86% of them are "Baoma". Under the traditional Chinese social division of labor, these members are often the decision makers and performers of daily household consumption, and there is a strong demand for products such as food, mothers and babies, beauty care, and household items.

"Super plan" empowers emerging brands

Li Jingbin, a serious person in the marketing department of Shanliren, introduced the company. In addition to selling it under its own brand "Shanriren", it also undertakes a number of large supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, well-known food brands, good shops and Xibei village noodles. , And even coffee, and other catering brands of nut generation and home production. After expanding its business online, the company hopes that it can launch its own "Shanrenren" brand.

Some serious people related to the “Super Product” business of Yunji pointed out that the sales of goods in Yunji are mainly driven by social media. Through the circulation of community materials and the accumulation of word of mouth, users can quickly establish their brand recognition and empower the emergence of emerging consumer brands. Nowadays, a large number of innovative brands including Adolf, Dashidi, Delmar, Weixin and so on have all achieved considerable sales performance and brilliant brand recognition on the gathering.

Gather with Shanliren brand to create a new super nut leisure product

Gathered the strange "little chicken" express box.

It is reported that "Super Product Plan" has become one of the two focus businesses gathered in 2020. On December 8th, at the "The Most Beautiful-The Fifth Meeting of Business and Commerce in 2019" held at the Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium, the founders and CEOs of the gathering pointed out: "There are many innovative brands and workshop brands in China. The rising tide is rising rapidly. Yunji will focus on 50% of the resources for this brand, helping these high-quality, high-value, high cost-effective, high-volume products become the 'super quality' with annual sales of over 100 million in Yunji ".