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Under the strict control of the road of innovation and the 19th China International Healthcare Exhibition Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

In 2019, the country introduced a series of policies to politely promote the development and implementation of Health China . Popularizing health care and strengthening health education are the top priorities of the health product industry to help health building. The growth of China's health and well-being has entered a benign growth trajectory of growth. In order to further confine the relevant parts of the country to the market confinement of the health food industry, guide the growth of industry types, the smooth transition of industry marketing channels, and interpret the industry's considerate policy trends. To this end, in the afternoon of December 3, the reform and transformation of the 19th China International Healthcare Exhibition theme forum hosted by the China Healthcare Association and Sinopharm Reed Exhibition was held in Chongqing. Yuelai International Rally Conference Center was held.


The forum invited serious people from relevant administrative departments, industry associations, and well-known entrepreneurs to cooperate in discussing the current status and growth trends of health care foods, extraordinary medical-use formula foods, pension wealth growth prospects, and market planning in the industry. Dialogues and exchanges were held in policies, market imprisonment and transformation, cost operation, brand building, etc., to explore new opportunities for market growth brought about by industry revolution. Provide guidance and reference for industry growth, corporate planning and market innovation .

The rally was chaired by Wang Zhong, vice chairman of the China Healthcare Association.


Qin Xiaoming, Chairman of China Health Care Association

"For the past few years, China ’s health policy has become more frequent. The scale of health care, such as pharmaceutical companies and health foods, has to be strictly controlled in quality, constantly innovated, focused on research and development, and able to adapt to the tide of the times. Qin Xiaoming, special researcher of the State Council Counselor's Office and Chairman of the China Health Care Association, hinted at the forum that the theme forum will be held to promote the type of industry growth and fair competition in the market, and to promote relevant companies to seek out the layout during the industry revolution. The biases and opportunities that exist in mediation.

Who is responsible for health? Qin Xiaoming believes that health-care wealth practitioners have an ongoing responsibility to provide consumers with quality products and services. The enterprise is the first person responsible for the establishment of the integrity system, the promise guaranteeing reasonable person, and the practitioner of high-quality growth. Enterprises have the responsibility to carry out science education and publicity.

"Health is its own responsibility. Every individual should take action to establish a sense of health, to learn about common health, to strengthen health and self-management, and to develop health cooperation." Qin Xiaoming said.


Huang Jiansheng, Executive Vice Chairman of China Health Care Association

Huang Jiansheng, Vice Chairman, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that in 2019, the country announced a series of policy methods such as the "State Council's Opinion on the Implementation of Healthy China Action", "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" and the establishment of the "Healthy China Action Promotion Committee" to promote and implement "Health China's strategy. " China's health wealth has ushered in a great opportunity for growth. The “healthcare” industry and scale have also experienced the “hundred-day action” to rectify the chaos in the “healthcare” market, which was initiated by 13 departments including the National Market Surveillance and Routine Administration this year. Significant improvements have been made in the health care industry and scale of business. As much as possible, the market value of the industry has fallen a lot, but bad money has been expelled, the market has been purified, and there has been room for growth for law-abiding and honest companies. Facing the great background of health and wealth growth, as well as the strict management of the "hundred-day action" and the improvement of health food bans, we should make a difference in 2020. Reform, transformation, upgrading, and innovation are all industries and enterprises. Certain options for growth.


Wang Zhong, Vice Chairman of China Healthcare Association, chaired the rally

When it comes to food bans. Director Wan Chao of the Health Food Registry, Extraordinary Food Security Surveillance and Routine Division of the State Administration of Market Surveillance, emphasized that the "four strictest" requirements are to protect the health rights and interests of the people, and to further promote the improvement of "delivery management services" and promote high-quality wealth Health can grow continuously.

What challenges and opportunities does wealth and imprisonment face? Wan Chao said: "From high-speed growth to high-quality growth, new and old courtesy and imprisonment models have changed, deep-seated improvements, painful thinking, scraping bones to cure poison, talent to move to healthy China, usher in the" Belt and Road "opportunity. To ensure that the people" "Tranquility on the tip of the tongue", to prevent the process from the source and to strictly control the risks. "


Director of National Food Surveillance and R & D Bureau of Extraordinary Food Security Surveillance and R & D Department of Health Food Registration

In the process of publicity and reporting and the law of banning, first of all, the attributes of the product should be distinguished according to law, and the product should be clearly defined as food or supplies, health food, ordinary food or toxic and harmful food. Reports, documents and documents should be based on the actual attributes of the product and be polite The name of the product in the model cannot be generalized as "health products", resulting in unclear facts, misplaced restraints and misleading information.


Ding Gangqiang, Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Association