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8 "black dens" were cleared and investigated! Yinzhou District has achieved remarkable results in rectifying food security Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Public Net · Poster News Jining December 9th In Keji , Yinzhou District carried out a press conference to rectify food safety issues, relayed the activities of the environment, and released a model case of food safety issues in the whole district.

According to acquaintance, since October 8th, Yinzhou District has carried out a series of actions to improve food security. Through in-depth investigation of hidden dangers, efforts to deal with outstanding issues, earnestly grasp the implementation of rectification, further establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and promote the public's sense of well-being, happiness and satisfaction.

Through the linking action, the relevant units of Yinzhou District focused on the scale of the public's key concerns such as violations of laws and regulations in food production planning, false promotion of health foods, campus food safety, and agricultural product quality safety, etc., and carried out the rectification of food safety issues. The masses felt the real results. Through the "black workshop", "black workshop", "black den" special rectification and health food industry special clean-up and rectification, serious investigation and treatment of health food false publicity and illegal sales special rectification and other issues, comprehensively carry out investigations, a total of clean-up and investigation and punishment " There are 8 "black workshops" and "black dens".

Conducted more than 10 food safety lectures for elementary and middle school students and 1 emergency response drill for food safety disruption, conducted inspections of the school's kindergarten cafeteria, and established a ban account for food planning units around the campus, and held monthly publicity updates on the district authority website. Organized third-party service platforms to conduct self-inspection and self-correction, interviewed "Meituan" and "Hungry?" Level three-party platforms, and carried out pull-up investigations on 242 online service catering service providers. Since the start of the connection, more than 900 units around the campus, large and medium-sized supermarkets, small food stores, and various catering units have been checked. More than 1,500 batches of food and edible agricultural products have been spot-checked. A total of 64 food safety documents have been filed and completed. 50 cases, fined more than 700,000 yuan.