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The Market Imprisonment and other three departments announced risk warnings against fraudulent sales of "health products" in the name of pensions Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

The State Administration of Market Surveillance R & D, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the China Banking Insurance Surveillance R & D Committee announced that they have " risk warnings about committing fundraising in the name of pension services and fraudulently selling" health products "(hereinafter referred to as" risk warnings ").

The State Administration of Market Surveillance R & D, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the China Banking Insurance Surveillance R & D Committee announced that they have "risk warnings about committing fundraising in the name of pension services and fraudulently selling" health products "(hereinafter referred to as" risk warnings ").

"Risk Tips" pointed out that recently, some old-age service agencies and enterprises have paid high returns in the name of old-age service and healthy old-age care in order to collect members' fees, bed fees, and fraudulently sell "healthcare products" to commit violations. The crime of raising funds, pyramid schemes and other crimes of the old people's legitimate rights and interests caused serious industrial losses to the old people.

High rebate is a fraud stunt

"Risk Tips" pointed out that some old-age care agencies or enterprises in the society use the name of "old-age care" and "high return" as bait to collect high membership fees, bed fees, etc. from young people. Hidden risks. The "high rebate" basis that those care institutions have taken care of cannot be realized. The rebate funds mainly come from the expenses paid by the people in their twilight years, which belong to the "demolition of the eastern wall to make up the western wall". Most old-age care agencies and enterprises do not have legal entities and benefits that match their management returns. It is difficult to maintain the operation of funds, and high returns are actually fraudulent gimmicks.

In addition, some old-age care agencies apparently outperformed the supply capacity of the bed space, or deal with the principal and interest beyond the continuous profitability level, and charged members a high amount of money in the name of "customer card", "member card", and "prepaid card". Membership fees and guarantees may be used to recharge the membership card and receive public funds. A large amount of funds from the public have not been effectively imprisoned. Institutional control is advocated, and there is a risk of transferring funds and running funds.

The "love family" that has recently been broken through the scam is such a routine. Aifujia, headquartered in Nanjing, is a home care service brand for the elderly. It attracts the attention of the elderly through leisure and entertainment forms such as "free chess and cards", supplemented by daily attention and short-term effective high returns to attract investment. Endorsed by the brand, and finally used the "free admission" of senior care institutions all over the place, tempting old people to "get in."

After getting a short-term normal profit, many elderly people also inspected the pension apartments under the “Aifu Family” on the spot. They could not withstand the temptation of “free living in a senior nursing home and can make a profit”, putting themselves in the hundreds of thousands or even hundreds. Thousands of old-age money was invested in peace of mind.

In June 2018, following the loss of contact with boss Cao Binming, many “old-age money” from Hangzhou, Dalian, Nanjing, Nanchang and other places across the country were thrown away overnight. "High rebate" has become "the moon in the water".

Liu Junhai, deputy chairman of the China Consumers Association and taught by the Renmin University of China School of Law, said: "Some illegal people or unscrupulous companies now target fraud tools to the twilight age group. Most of these twilight age groups live alone, invest in finance, and invest. Common sense is not very familiar, it is difficult to distinguish the various types of criminal fundraising for new students, and the defense of criminal fundraising is not strong, and they love the self-restraint and enforce the law. "

Liu Junhai initiated that the twilight people must raise the level of caution when dealing with investment projects that can obtain high returns in a short period of time, and inform the adult generations of the environment in real time, and may consult relevant authorities. Timely signing treaties involving major industrial changes to increase awareness of risks.

Unsatisfactory elderly health needs

According to the "Risk Tips", some companies organize marketing meetings, health lectures, expert free consultations, free checks, free experiences, gifts that may be unfair and low-priced, and telemarketing, door-to-door sales, and online sales. False and misleading trade propaganda promotes so-called "health products". Because the concept of "healthcare products" cannot make positioning, it is often recycled with the concept of stealing and changing the package, and holding it with legitimate registration and approval of drugs, medical devices, health foods, etc. to confuse consumers' trust, but the claimed health care results have not been Scientific evaluations and approvals often do not have health outcomes, or even cause illness.

The "Twenty Cases of Health Food Laws" recently announced by the State General Administration of Market Prohibition disclosed the case of investigating the sale of counterfeit medicines to the young people in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.

This company first collected the private books of the twilight people illegally, then operated the twilight people to trust the relevant associations and thirst for health, and repeated the telemarketing to the twilight people in the name of the Hangzhou twilight health care association, claiming that its products can be packaged. The cure for all diseases will be a myth. After the products were purchased by the young people, they also adopted the arrangement of redemption coupons in the parcels in the name of redemption and required them to pay fees, taxes, and further defraud the young people's money. And the so-called health products it uses to sell, some departments are even fake and shoddy products, among which "bear bile powder" is a fake medicine filled with pumpkin powder. The market imprisonment part and the public security part constituted a special task force for the record investigation. On the date when the case was stopped, the amount of the case involved in the investigation was more than 10 million yuan, with more than 5,000 victims.

Legal risks in operating model