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Jinhu County launches health care market rectification Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

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(Original Title: Jinhu County Turns Into The Health Product Market Rectification— Looking At The Origin: Jinhu County Authorities Network—Editor: Liu Shun)

In order to create a splendid business situation and improve the safety of food consumption among the people, in Jinri County, Jinhu County organized a " health products " market remediation and "turned around" actions to further rectify and type market order and fix the "health products" market Mess like remediation achievements.

The focus will be on the inspection of newly established health food stores, and the planners will be advised to strictly implement the card and ticket collection system according to law and regulations, and set up a purchase and acceptance record ledger to ensure the traceability of food.

The focus is on the inspection of the punished planners to see if they still have a certificate claim, the ticket claim system is not implemented properly, and the purchase and acceptance records are not real-time.

The focus is on the surveillance and inspection of suspected offenders for adding drugs to identify foods, and on-site quick screening of suspicious species discovered by the inspection. Once a positive inspection effect is discovered, surveillance sampling will be implemented and inspections will be held.

A total of 12 health care planners were checked in this action, and 20 batches of fast-screening foods were completed. 8 batches of fast-screening positive-effect varieties were sampled and commissioned by the Municipal Food and Drug Review Institute for review.

In the next stage, the county will continue to review the efficacy of the care, and all the varieties that are not in line with the review efficacy will be transferred to the public security department according to law. At the same time, the inspection of the health care product market will be maintained for a period of time to form a concerted effort to further fix the effectiveness of the treatment and purify the health care product market.

Yao Xiaodong investigates the construction environment of the project in Heyun Town, Jinhu County