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Zhangye City's food safety rectification is effective Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Original title: Zhangye City's food security rectification is effective

Gansu, China, December 9. According to the Gansu Economic Daily (New Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily reporter Zheng Chaohua) On December 5, Zhangye City announced to the public that since the city ’s campaign to tackle food safety issues has been launched, Zhangye Food The Security Committee contacted public security, education, agriculture and rural areas, animal husbandry and veterinary departments, severely impacted the production and sale of "three no" food, fake food, inferior food, overdue food and other illegal acts, and decisively banned "black workshops" and "black workshops" Black dens. " By the end of November, a total of 72 cases of food violations had been investigated, including 1 case where kindergartens and schools failed to fulfill the main responsibility for food safety, and 1 case involving indiscriminate slaughter.

It is reported that the linking action of Zhangye City on food security issues began on September 11 and was completed at the end of November. This linking action is an important part of the theme of "Do n’t forget your original heart and keep in mind the mission" to teach the secondary school to ignore the problems that harm the people. Content, and make efforts to deal with the actual problems of the people ’s strong response to the pain points and difficult core issues. The city firmly surrounds issues of public concern such as violations of laws and regulations in food production planning, false publicity of health food, security of campus food, and quality of agricultural products. It adheres to the "four strictest rules" and strengthens rectification.

According to acquaintances, on November 20th, Zhangye City and the districts held a meeting to rectify food security issues. The confiscated items really destroyed the scene. The wine, dairy products, beverages, meat and meat confiscated during the concatenated operation were really destroyed Finished products, condiments such as "three non-food", fake and shoddy food, "cottage food", "five hair food" and other more than 30 varieties, valued at 530,000 yuan.