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The gold and silver ponytails are so bold and magnificent that they are also magnificent and charming Chanel girls today Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-21

Jin Gaoyin's ponytails are so heroic that today is also a glorious and charming Chanel child

Applying makeup and nourishing skin becomes more and more beautiful at night? Use ta you will believe

Utilizing convenience, the newly upgraded air cushion puff is soft and skin-friendly. The 15mm wide ribbon fits your fingers better than the narrow ribbon, making makeup more lightweight. The light and hydrating liquid foundation is as clear and soft as Yinghua water, and there is no sticky powdery feeling after being opened with a powder puff, but a faint satin radiance; the foundation is completely integrated with the skin, as thin as nothing. Concealer Use the eyeliner to write on the back of the hand, and use the skin's key light moisturizing cushion Yinghua water foundation to hold the decoration. As you can see from the above picture, its concealer is at least 80%, and it will not highlight the pores at all. The inevitable result of pore modification. The results of the makeup can be seen from the above picture. The key of the skin, the light and moisturizing cushion Yinghua water foundation, is very close to the skin after makeup, and it will have a certain modification effect on the pores. The makeup feels natural, and the skin has the original light. The masking effect is very pleasing to the eye. This is because the key to the skin, the Yinghua Water Foundation, recycles the exclusive soft and bright light-concentrating powder, which is a bumpy powder with strong penetrability and light diffusion. At the same time, it operates the light layer technology to diffuse the surface of the muscle and hide the flaws. Light, delicate fit, no oiling or floating powder. The moisturizing degree of the skin is tested by using the skin's key light moisturizing cushion Yinghua water foundation. The moisture value of the skin before use was 25.8%, and it was promoted to 34.7% immediately after use. After 4 hours of testing, the moisture value remained at 33.8%. Compared with the immediate moisture value after use, it was almost unchanged and still higher than that. Utilization status. The skin's key light and moisturizing cushion Yinghua water foundation contains a variety of highly effective moisturizing compound Yinghua,

Jin Gaoyin's ponytails are so heroic that today is also a glorious and charming Chanel child

Will not plug the corners, leg fines, waist fines, nine-headed girls are "lost"!

Chaoren Street Shooting (picture origins from IC) The difference between the stuffed and not stuffed corners is really big. Chaoren Street (picture from pinterest) No matter if you are a leg, waist or nine-headed girl , you will be in a big dress at the scene of a car accident. Ni Ni compares before and after (picture origins from IC). In the cold season, the more you wear, the more bloated, and the corner of the clothes will look more organized. Stars do n’t plug into the corners, they also change. You learn how to plug in the corners. Chaoren Street Shooting (picture origins from IC) 1. Half of the most popular method of plugging in recent years is "half of half of the stay". This kind of difference claims that there is a kind of "under-dressed" feel in the way of dressing, to get rid of the impression of the top machinery, and make you handsome with a little uninhibited. Song Yanhuan (picture origins from IC) The competition is suitable for shirts with buttons, unbuttoning the hem, and only half of the hem, which can create a sense of fashionableness and make you feel more organized. Chaoren Street Shooting (pictures are from IC) Generally speaking, too loose shirts will be worn normally when worn on the body. A proper plugging angle can just neutralize this "sense" without a waist. Qi Wei (picture origins from IC) In the autumn, wearing only a shirt may seem too weak, you can experiment with it in layers, that is, T-shirt + shirt + jacket, etc., with a corner inside, not only to keep warm but also to make the shape more three-dimensional. Chaoren Street shooting (pictures from IC) 2. The temperature in the north of the front of the plug is suitable for wearing a sweater or sweater.

Jin Gaoyin's ponytails are so heroic that today is also a glorious and charming Chanel child

The exquisite boy's magnificent law: the base makeup for autumn and winter is also changing season!

Pictures from Weibo @ 戚 薇 some time ago saw Qi Wei confession blockbuster, this glowing skin, this fluffy creamy muscle, anyone wants to have it! Pictures from Weibo @MAC charm but do you think it's all just Qi Wei's own skin? Now let ’s take a look at Qi Cheng's husband, Li Chengzhang ’s inviting demonstration! The first step: spray moisturizing spray to make moisturizing before makeup. (This step is the key point, we will take a test in a moment!) Step 2: Turn off the brightening complexion and make the base makeup more convincing. (Took the orchid finger gently and patted it, Qi Wei praised the technique professionally) Indeed, there is no shortcomings in this step, but because of the amount, Qi Wei immediately painted the Peking Opera mask, and the whole face was only white, very white, pale ... Three steps: Apply foundation to make skin tone more even. (Interpretation of suffocating manipulation) At this step, Lee Seung-yoo also used sponge eggs, but the makeup-type makeup application started to make the makeup powder, and went to the face of the mask. Qi Wei was instantly stunned by the whole makeup, and his face was utterly unlovable, and it was also the torture of Li Chengxi who was struggling to test it. In fact, looking at the overall pace, there are not too many problems. After all, with Cheng Wei every day, Li Chengyi should also be affected by beauty makeup, but the makeup method needs to be improved! Then how to put on makeup correctly, can also be used in autumn and winter Qi Wei large block of the same cream muscle, in addition to good skin, there are some "base makeup mysteries", let's study together! Picture history Weibo @ 戚 薇 事 室 1. Pay attention to the moisturizing base before makeup. Regardless of whether you choose a milk before makeup, the moisturizing cream before makeup is definitely a base makeup service.

Jin Gaoyin's ponytails are so heroic that today is also a glorious and charming Chanel child

What kind of girl is worthy of Xiao Zhan? There is only one answer!

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