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Compared with Lin Yun's Taobao eight-digit bill, I am more considerate of her hair volume. Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-02

Compared to Lin Yun ’s Taobao eight-digit bill, I care more about her hair volume being counterattacked!

Still envious of Frozen Aisha's hair volume? Not every individual can enjoy public hair transplants.

"Frozen 2", which was released on the day of Krishna, broke the 400 million box office just 5 days after its release. Who hasn't seen Frozen 2 yet? Hurry up and set it up! In addition to the connection plot, everyone even started to connect with Aisha's hair! Since when do we no longer envy Aisha's cold white skin and start researching their hair volume! According to relevant data, Aisha has 400,000 hairs, which is indeed much larger than our ordinary people's 100,000 to 120,000 hairs. Although some people can't even reach 100,000 hairs ... It is rumored that in order to deal with punishing 200,000 hairs of Aisha, Disney also developed a special measure called Tonic. Therefore, envy and envy are all right, after all, not every individual can enjoy public hair transplants! Looking at the amount of hair that is gradually being eliminated, it is not without pace! Also pay attention to improving your hair care habits from your daily routine! First of all, a series of problems, such as the problem of staying up late and the internal excretion disorder caused by staying up all night, are all the causes of hair loss. Secondly, in hair care, we must know the primary and secondary. The key to hair problems is the maintenance of the scalp. After all, the scalp is the place where hair is kept. People with habitual hair loss can take advantage of some scalp care products, plus a series of anti-hair loss wash products, and a healthy routine to improve hair loss. There are still young people. Don't be overstressed at all. Relax when you have time. Pay attention to the unity of work and rest. It will also help with hair loss!

Compared to Lin Yun ’s Taobao eight-digit bill, I care more about her hair volume being counterattacked!

100 celebrities line up for Taobao live broadcast! Reinterpreting the influence of stars

Photo / Taobao Content General Manager of the E-commerce Business Department Xuan De at the "Apocalypse intends" announcement meeting from Li Xiang, Wang Zulan, Yineng Jing who have already stated in the live broadcast room, to the newly launched He Jie, Li Xiang, etc., the stars just like consultation One after another, "enter the Tao and start broadcasting." It is reported that in addition to the more than 100 celebrities announced this time, there are still more "Love Beans" on the way to Taobao live broadcast, and many of them will be moved by fans who will be moved. Unlike the past, which only saw the star "Dragonfly Water" in the confession, the product difference was used a few times. The star came to the Taobao live room to bring the goods, and there was enough time to introduce the product, or even try the product directly in the live room, and in-situ Give feedback. Like the young girls who came to Taobao live broadcast this time, they are skincare and beauty experts. What mouth red number is most white? Which mask is more hydrating? It is no coincidence that these problems are "revealed" by themselves. As for the stars of fitness, they have recommended fitness equipment smoothly. Directly showing their tendon muscles may be vest lines in the live broadcast room, making it difficult to buy. This new model is called "broadcast endorsement" in the industry, and its presentation has completely changed the relationship between stars, fans and businesses and brands. Through the "broadcast endorsements" of Taobao Live Broadcasting, small and medium-sized businesses and brands can also help live broadcast with low thresholds and stars, attracting new customers and expanding their influence. Stars are also supporting small and medium-sized businesses and brands in this way, making the economy of fans more inclusive. 22 stars participated in Taobao live broadcast for the first time this year during Tmall 618, Li Xiang, Wang Zulan, Liu Genghong

Compared to Lin Yun ’s Taobao eight-digit bill, I care more about her hair volume being counterattacked!

Big s, the mystery of Lin Yun's girly feeling is to "burden" the makeup?

In the latest issue of the program, under the careful arrangement of the duty-born Aya, the four sisters visited the mainland's charity stores. The batch-style shopping is called a shopaholic, and netizens shouted, "It seems that I saw me while shopping with my sister." ; Similarly, netizens want to empty the shopping cart in the summer when there is still a large S to open the bag. The strawberry bag of the big S is indeed a girl ’s heart burst. After the program was broadcast, netizens have suggested "want to enter the same paragraph", strawberry-like powder The tender face matches this strawberry bag, and there is no sense of disobedience. Pictures from Weibo @ 腾讯 视频 We are real companions Pictures from Weibo @ 腾讯 视频 We are the real couple's recent pictures of these sets of covers, which are also full of girly feeling. From the baby's comeback, the face value of the spit has collapsed, and now she is wearing a girly feeling from the inside out. To explore the big S-like rejuvenation method, the light and unburdened makeup is the key. Pictures from Weibo @ ICON-F Fashion Illustrated The first step of girly sense, to reduce the burden before makeup, do a good job of creating a girly look, focusing on "less" and "thin". In the summer, the skin's appearance temperature increases. In order to allow the skin to breathe freely, only fresh products should be used during skin care. At the same time, the skin care pace can be simplified. Oily skinny girls can properly remove the cream and initiate the use of multi-use products to eliminate skin burden. "Single product recommendation" Chanel Camellia Moisturizing Water Emulsion Picture The brand provides Chanel Camellia Moisturizing Water Emulsion. It is such a multi-purpose existence that editors dug. Is a super watery lotion for summer

Compared to Lin Yun ’s Taobao eight-digit bill, I care more about her hair volume being counterattacked!

Lin Yun self-exposure whitening technology whitening Yinghua what brand is good?

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