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These 4 bad habits before bedtime Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-18

During weight loss , of course, we will control the intake of diet, but we are always unable to change our bad habits, and many times we are because of our bad habits, which affects the process of weight loss . For example, staying up late has a foundation in every private city, but most people still can't change this bad habit. Unless there is a real threat to health, they will probably force themselves to go to bed early. However, for people who lose weight, staying up late is just a bad habit. There are still many bad habits in the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater , which need to be corrected!

These 4 bad habits before bedtime

What makes you fat? That is because of eating, so why are you eating like everyone else, but you are fat, but others are not fat? Have you thought about it? The main reason is that the poor eating habits will slow down your weight loss. So let's take a look at the 4 bad habits of eating. If you want to lose weight, you must keep in mind and correct it.

The first bad habit is not drinking water before meals

These 4 bad habits before bedtime

You must know that obese people are actually more hungry than ordinary people, and they will eat and drink when they are hungry, and they cannot control themselves. This is called "excitation is a monster". So if you can get used to drinking a glass of water before meals, you can deal with the problem of hunger very well, and the water is zero-calorie, and it can make you feel full, and it won't make you eat big when you eat drink.

The second bad habit is to eat too fast while eating

If you can investigate carefully, you will find that the difference between a fat man and a thin man is that when eating, a fat man can eat a few pieces of meat in one bite, and a thin man must chew a piece of meat for several minutes, while a fat man has a meal It takes less than 5 minutes to get down, and it takes 30 minutes for a thin person to get a meal. That's the difference. We need to know that eating too fast, the body's stomach can not take over, too much burden, too late to digest, it will directly convert heat into fat and store it, so your belly is getting bigger and bigger.

The third bad habit, like to eat full or even support when eating

These 4 bad habits before bedtime

For people who lose weight, this is the direct cause of "getting fat". Many people think that they are full before they separate the dining table. However, people who lose weight need to know that eating saturated food is your stomach support. It ’s big, and your appetite is getting bigger and bigger, how do you make yourself thin? So when you eat, drink a glass of water before meals to make yourself feel full first, and then report to yourself consciously when you eat. You can only feel a little full when you eat it (6-7 minutes full). .

The fourth bad habit, like sitting and playing with mobile phones after meals

You need to know how big it is to sit against the gastrointestinal damage after a meal. Not only does it increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, but also the food that cannot be digested by the gastrointestinal tract, the calories are directly converted into fat and stored in the body. If you sit for a long time after a meal, you will become fat easily. After meals, we can stand against the wall for 30 minutes. We can not only lose weight, but also thin legs. If you don't want to stand, go for a walk for 1 hour. It can not only promote digestion and reception of the stomach, but also eliminate fat. Body, which may allow you to lose weight.

Never underestimate the bad habits of themselves. They may or may "destroy" a private person. For example, a young man may be able to live as a "greasy uncle" in his 30s. Then it is entirely because of his bad Caused by habit and unregulation!

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