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Some "environmental" tableware potentially lurks health risks Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-10

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, December 9th (Reporter Zhang Yirong): "Natural" raw tableware made of bamboo fiber or cornmeal is known as healthy and environmentally friendly, but the German food safety section Kori warns that the harmful substances in such tableware may Entering food at high temperatures is harmful to human health.

The German Consumer Protection and Food Safety Agency said in a press release that most of these tableware contain melamine, formaldehyde and other identities, and that harmful identities will probably be released when hot drinks such as coffee or tea are loaded or they are heated in a microwave oven. Migrate to food.

The communique said that the detection efficacy of 56 such products in Germany showed that a quarter of the samples exceeded the melamine migration standard and 11% of the samples had a formaldehyde migration standard. In the most severe environments, the migration of melamine and formaldehyde separated by 4 and 19 times, respectively.

Permanent intake of melamine probably damages the reproductive and urinary systems, and formaldehyde not only irritates the skin and mucous membranes, but also probably induces cancer. German Consumer Screening and Food Safety Director Helmut Chirsky said that consumers feel that they are holding environmentally friendly products, and they are actually holding products with health risks in their hands. "What is particularly worrying is that As more products are used, more melamine will migrate into the food. "