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Supor (SUPOR) steamer SZ26B5 is good for 304 stainless steel double-layer double bottom multi-purpose pot 26CM induction cooker open flame universal Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-05

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该价值是商品的销售标价,最终成交价值大概会因利用优惠券等原因而产生变革,请以订单结算页面价值为准。 Uncrossed value: This value is the sales price of the product. The final transaction value may be changed due to the use of coupons and other reasons. Please refer to the value on the order settlement page.

该价值是商品的参考价,大概是商品的厂商指导价、正品零售价、商品吊牌价、品牌专柜价,可能是在国美平台上曾经展示过的销售价等价值,仅供您选购商品时参考。 Crossed value: The value is the reference price of the product, which is probably the manufacturer's guide price of the product, the genuine retail price, the product tag price, and the brand counter price. It may be the sales price and other values that have been displayed on the Gome platform. It is only for you. Refer to when purchasing goods.

1.商品促销信息以商品详情页促销栏目中的信息为准;2.如您发明勾当商品售价或促销信息有异常,请购置前先接洽销售商咨询。 Others: 1. The product promotion information is subject to the information in the promotion column of the product detail page; 2. If you find that the price of the product or the promotion information is abnormal, please contact the seller before purchasing.

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