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150,000 pensions of seventy years old in Jinan Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-10-31

Have escaped health care products and haven't escaped the collections. 150,000 pensioners in Jinan, 70,000 have been suspended.

On the 11th, Wang Qiang (pseudonym) displayed the repossessed collection. Photo by reporter Wang Hanbing

"I escaped the health care products, but I did not escape the collection." A few years ago, Wang Qiang (pseudonym) was pulled by a group of young people into a family called "Golden Prosperity in a Strong Country" as he passed the pole stone bridge. Baoshou Collection Company, under the attack of many people's "family affection", he has successively purchased multiple currencies, calligraphy and paintings, which cost more than 150,000 yuan, and the pensions are almost used. When he was in urgent need of money, the appreciation staff of the preservation staff had once spoken about the appreciation and the repurchase had disappeared.

The first trick: lingering

Registered messages to send gifts

Now, Qiang Wang, who is in his seventies, said that given him a chance to return, he will certainly not follow the insurance company.

"At the time, I was walking on the sidewalk, and many young children gathered around and said, 'Uncle, you go to the 12th floor of the strong and prosperous country and the Jindianbao Collection Company. You open your eyes and increase the common sense of the Baobao collection.' They said they wanted to send gifts, so I was taken upstairs by them. "Wang Qiang said that for the first time when he entered this company, he listened to the staff and talked about it for a long time. I left my phone. Since then, he has been receiving calls from lovers all the time, inviting him to the store to see collections, to see exhibitions, to send bracelets, noodles. "Call me every few days and say, 'Uncle, come and get a gift, I'll get you ready.'"

The store has currency, paintings, jade, etc. Every time Wang Qiang comes to the store, the preservation staffer keeps talking in his ears, reporting how hot these preservations are on the market, how expensive they are to be preserved, and how big the appreciation space is . "It will also be said that after the uncle XX bought it, he made millions in one hand." Wang Qiang said that he was a little moved.

Wang Qiang first bought a fourth full set of RMB. "A set of 980 yuan. Several preservation staffs took turns to fight. I bought 10 at that time." He pointed to the hard-shell collection book on the bed.

Second move: emotional offensive

Regarding the special offer for lunch, many people contact the "performance"

"Into the store, they wouldn't let go at noon and buy lunch for you." Wang Qiang said that after he first paid for the Baoshou collection, he didn't buy it quietly, and the preservation staff kept calling him to the store. Here, "into the store, they always have a step to make you pay."

Wang Qiang said that the preservation staff would not hesitate to see him, and he would never hesitate to say, "I said that I have no money and no relationship. He paid money to do it with me just to convince me that this would appreciate and make money."

In order to allow Wang Qiang to pay for the collateral collection, the lovers in the store acted together. "Their supervisor will say," I think this uncle is a wise old man. In order to make you have a bigger income, I specifically approve you to have a chance to get a special collection. This is just a reward for you and no one else will get it. " At this time, other small staff members will come together and ask for a discount from the supervisor. The supervisor will say that this is a special reward given to me by the store manager. No one else. "

"This box of 2 yuan (the fourth set of RMB) has a total of 100 pieces. They told me at the time that one was sold for a few thousand yuan outside, and some were auctioned to 1.8 million. At this moment, 78 yuan was sold to me. , I make a lot of money. "Wang Qiang said.

The third trick: verbal reasoning

Say good appreciation, repurchase, never cashed

For several years, Wang Qianglu successively bought calligraphy and painting, currency and silver plates in the shop, more than 4,000 yuan of self-made, more than 40,000 yuan. "I bought a total of about 150,000 yuan in the collection, and I also looked at it. The objects were indeed real, but it was not worth the money. Like this one, it was judged to be worth 1,000 yuan, but I spent 4000 on it. Diversified. "

"When I bought it, there was still a supervisor from the collection staff who repeatedly issued guarantees with me, and said that it would appreciate in value, and said that the repurchase within 5 years has never been fulfilled." Purchase certificate. A purchase voucher provided by him was marked with the commodity name "Teacher of Books", valued at 39,600 yuan, and the list was stamped with the financial special seal of "Jinan Zhuangsheng Guoyi Trading Co., Ltd.". The customer notice below the purchase voucher reads: "In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, the company ignores the repurchase, auction of the product and reaches a detailed value at a detailed time. If the sales staff does the above to you, please Don't believe that the relevant legal responsibility is borne by the salesperson personally. It has nothing to do with the company, and the company does not bear any legal responsibility. " Revaluation repurchases, which were spoken by the affair personnel, fell on paper but changed.

Fourth trick: endless

Auction scams have come to the door, almost fooled

Wang Qiang's possession has not yet been released, and he has connected to several calls to the auction company for the collection.

"In the beginning, I said that photography does not charge money. After I came to take photos at home, I returned an order and said how many people wanted to order my object. The value doubled. The original price we bought was 6,800 yuan. His pre-bid was more than 40,000. I I went to the store with my heart, and the effect made me pay an auction service fee of 10,000 yuan first, and said that the money was sold and then refunded. "