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Secret security collection to accept the scam at a high price: the gift as a bait for the elderly Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-11-16

A set of commemorative coins priced at 1980 yuan was accepted at a high price of 4980 yuan after 6 months. Faced with such a high profit, many collectors like to buy in large quantities, but the effect stores do not accept the account. In Keri, the High-tech Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, revealed to the reporter of the "Legal System Daily" a new trick of "protecting collections at high prices".

Xiangyang citizen Wang is a preservation lover. In July 2017, he received a confession from "Tibet Collection Center" while walking. Mr. Wang spent a total of 7,220 yuan three times to purchase one set of one-piece Siamese notes from the center, one set of the fourth set of RMB small completes and two sets of the third set of coins. In March 2018, the "Aizang Preservation Center" approached Mr. Wang, claiming that a new batch of 1980 yuan two sets of Souvenirs was received, which is quite expensive for preservation and the center provided acceptance services.After 6 months of sales, each set Accepted value of 4980 yuan. "Buy 1980 yuan, sell 4,980 yuan, you only need to look forward to 6 months, you can earn 3,000 yuan for a set of nostalgic coins, which is really a bargain." Mr. Wang simply purchased 26 sets of nomadic coins for two sessions. He thought that after 6 months, 26 sets of nostalgia coins would earn 78,000 yuan.

In order to facilitate the future store acceptance, Mr. Wang did not pick up the goods after paying the line. In October 2018, when the six-month deadline was reached, when he came to the door to discuss acceptance, the serious person at the "Aizang Preservation Center" turned his face and refused to acknowledge his account. When he wanted to return the goods, the other party lost his message. Mr. Wang had to call the police. The police of the Zizhen Police Station of the Gaoxin Gongxun Branch invented that the other party only dealt with the matter verbally and did not have any paper treaty. The police have shaved their heads and found that there were more than 20 victims who had communication with Mr. Wang, and the amount involved was more than 2 million yuan. Li, a serious person at the "Tibet Preservation Center", told the victims of the department to take the collection for auction. Efficacy, he lost contact within a few days and the center closed.

On April 9, this year, the Xiangyang High-tech Police filed an investigation for suspected fraud and launched an online pursuit of Han and other persons related to the "Tibet Collection Center". On May 10, with the assistance of the Shanghai police, Han was arrested. Mr. Han, who is in his 20s, insists that he only guarantees the purchaser that the goods will appreciate in value, and ignores the high price. The police found that the department's supply of the "Aizang Preservation Center" came from Madian, Beijing, which was not a fake and shoddy product, except that the selling price had increased by dozens of times than the actual value.

Liu Zhijiang, a criminal investigation police officer at the Zizhen Police Station of the High-tech Public Service Substation of Xiangyang City, said: The policy of this type of offense is the old people who have a large number of years. Take the opportunity to talk to the elderly, get their personal books, purchase skills, and take the opportunity to sell various "collections" with high returns. The police reminded that when they do not have the ability to distinguish the authenticity of the collection, do not take it easy to believe in unscrupulous sales pitches. If you understand the returns with high returns in a short period of time, you must improve your disciplinary measures and stop the trap of fraud. Police report. The police also initiated that future generations would often have to take the same time as the old 怙 恃, and exchanged some current social conditions with the 怙 恃, so as to improve the consciousness of defense in the old age and not give the criminals an opportunity.

(Reporter Liu Zhiyue correspondent Hong Zhen)

Demystifying Collectibles and Taking Scams at High Prices: Fooling Old Man with Gifts as Bait

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