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Deceive the elderly and play the new format. Seventy-year-old people in Xi'an bought "collections" for 410,000 a year Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-02

Lie the old man to play a new title Xi'an seventy-year-old man bought "collection" 410,000 a year

Western Network News (Reporter Su Jingmeng) "It cost 410,000 yuan a year . I don't know if these" protection collections "are true or false." Kri, Lee responded to the western netizen's hotline column that her family was middle-aged. His father, in his seventies , has purchased 410,000 yuan of "guaranteed collections" from a company since 2018, including all kinds of gold, silver, nostalgic banknotes, jade seals, and calligraphy and paintings. The current affairs and loved ones promised to sell the "protected collections", which can assist the elderly to auction the "protected collections" and obtain greater profits. However, these "protected collections" were not accepted by the auction once, and the elderly were also taken to the hospital.

People's livelihood hotline : The elderly in the family are trapped in a fraud trap of RMB 400,000

"Low-priced sales and high prices accepted" Seventy seniors have spent 410,000 to buy "collections"

"I live in conflict with the old man. The basics don't know about it. We only knew that I was hospitalized because of this matter some time ago. He even bought so many 'collections'!" The reporter of Lee Misport reported that the old man was in Xingqing Park. The shuttlecock was "seen". "Last March, the old man exercised in the park. Some people said that he would take action clothes when he went to class, and the old man went."

Li Misi said that the place where the old man went was a publicity seminar organized by Xi'an Juzhuo Trading Co., Ltd., which was to promote the company's "collection". Subsequently, the company called many times to invite the elderly to "listen to classes", exaggerated the cost of preservation, and allowed the elderly to purchase "protected collections".

"They have organized activities, donated small gifts, etc., and promoted to the people in the old age a large appreciation space for jade seals, nostalgic coins, nostalgic banknotes, stamps, calligraphy and paintings. Banknotes, for example, list the market growth several times in the short-term in order to gain the trust of the aging people. "Lee Smith said," they sell low-priced "guarantees" to the elderly at high prices, preaching that they can appreciate significantly, and promised After a year or a year and a half, assisting the elderly to obtain auctions, they get more profits. In fact, these so-called 'collections' are often in the hands of buyers. "

"When the old man bought a 250,000 yuan 'collection', he felt that his work was a bit weak, and he asked for a return, and the love affair told Li Li that if he bought 128,000 yuan of white jade, he could ask his partner to sell all the previous objects. Still can make money. "Said Li Misi, after the old people bought high-priced white jade, lovers changed their gossip again," They also said that the company has decided to not buy on behalf of the moment, the object can no longer be sold, the old man is angry Of high blood pressure is hospitalized. "

According to the documents provided by Li Misi, from March 2018 to May 2019, the elderly purchased 13 collections of calligraphy and painting, jade seals, nostalgic coins, ginseng, etc., and the total cost of 41.188 million yuan.

On August 20, the reporter and Lee Mis both learned that after the two sides are the same, Xi'an Juzhuo Trading Co., Ltd. has agreed to return the goods and return the money to the elderly. "When we went to the negotiations, serious people said that the company strictly forbids people from seducing people to use high profits to seduce customers to purchase collections, saying that people who loved the income at that time had also been fired." Said Lee Smith.

How does the old age buy collections prevent fraud? Commander's Decree: Raising Awareness of Old Age Decree

The reporter searched online and found that in 2017, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Xuchang County Public Security Bureau in Xuchang City, Henan, had detected a similar case. The victim's deception was consistent with the environmental foundation described by Smith. Xuchang police revealed this scam: In the first step, the scam gang will disguise itself as a company or institution on a high ground; in the second step, the product scenery will be faked, and the "protection of the collection" will be valuable; the third step, the exaggerated product Preservation price, huge appreciation potential, attractive purchase.

"If you want to sue for this kind of problem, you need the most basic proof. It ’s like the other party is selling a low-cost guarantee collection. There may be evidence to prove that the current affairs and loved ones’ propaganda and promise behavior. " Obtaining such a certificate is difficult. You can report it to the mainland public security department first, and let the public security department conduct an audit.

Fan Tiantian initiated that in the old age, when purchasing collections, first of all, they must go to formal shopping occasions. It is extremely expensive to preserve collections and crafts. It is necessary to see whether the seller has relevant qualifications. After shopping, let the other party issue a formal invoice; Once you realize that you have been deceived, you must assemble and retain relevant evidence in real time and seek judicial assistance and assistance in real time. "At the same time, through the media, community streets, judicial authorities and other parties to promote publicity, raising the awareness of anti-fraud and laws of the elderly is also very necessary." Fan Tiantian said.