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An old man fell into the "collection trap" and was deceived by 1.69 million Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-05

An old man fell into the "collectible trap" and was deceived 1.69 million

Items used by scammers to scam.

The calligraphy, painting, currency, and other things that have been wholesaled at low prices have been given the names of "hot", "scarce", and "limited", and their actual cost and appreciation space have been arrogantly exaggerated. The sale of such "protected collections", after gaining the trust of victims, enticed them to purchase them at high prices. Under the enthusiasm of scam gangs in the cover of cultural companies, many elderly people were drained of their hard-earned money in investing and holding collections. In Keer, the Wujin police in Changzhou City conducted more than four months of meticulous investigations. It succeeded in detecting a scam involving more than 1,000 victims and involving over 20 million yuan worth of damages, smashing 6 scam dens, and arresting 87 people involved. As of today, 55 people have been criminally detained according to law, 27 of them have been approved for arrest, and 4 have been hunted online. Police have verified 129 victims.

"Secure Collection Fraud" Behind Consumer Disputes

Two years ago, a 82-year-old Zhuangmou quickly got involved in a lively property game when a gift voucher was handed over from a cultural company's lovers. Until the incident, Zhuangmou concealed his children, spent 270,000 yuan, and purchased the recommended currency, calligraphy and paintings from Changzhou Wanhan Culture Exchange Co., Ltd. 9 times. To Zhuangmou's distress, the company's failure to cash in on the reason that he "handed out cash" at the beginning. He borrowed a large part of the 270,000 yuan from relatives, and there was still a whole part of his pension money. On October 12, 2018, Zhuangmou reported to the police in Wujin with his children.

Surrounding Zhuang's alarm clues, Wujin police carried out big data analysis on the information involved in the case. Invented from 2017 to 2018, the jurisdiction received a total of more than 30 similar police reports. The single police reports handled on the spot, such as a common consumer dispute, the parties only revolved around the "return" was rejected or the salesperson failed to honor Manage issues and other issues and respond to the police. To deal with these on-the-spot consumer disputes, the police can only adjust the possible penalties to the consumer association on both sides of the adjustment. However, the police also noticed that the high-frequency presentation of some specific case-related information in the police situation made the seemingly “simple” police situation no longer so simple.

On October 13, 2018, Wujin Police set up a "10.13" fraud protection task force to collect 35 capable police officers to conduct in-depth planning of the case. With the continuous advancement of investigations, in addition to the "Wanhan Culture", the "Hanmo Heavenly Code" in Wujin, Changzhou, the two "Hanmo Heavenly Codes" in Changning Tianning, the "Huahezhendian" and "Jinhe Jingdian" in Jingjiang, Zhenjiang A total of 5 cultural companies from Hua Hin Culture have also entered the police's sight. On December 20, 2018, the task force dispatched more than 300 police forces to simultaneously carry out arrests on 6 suspected dens. On the same day, 84 suspects were arrested. Liu, Zhang and other major suspects were all arrested. The company collected the so-called deposits such as calligraphy, paintings, banknotes, and jadeware, which were cheaply wholesaled from art markets such as Beijing and Dalian. More than 10,000 items.

"Private" scam schemes are tempting

Years ago, the calligraphy and painting purchased for more than 200,000 yuan in Shanghai, the company said it could sell more than 600,000 yuan. The 69-year-old Zhang, spurred by "interfering with members to get rid of them", spent more than 50,000 yuan to buy two sets of recommended calligraphy and paintings and became a silver member. However, she was accused of delaying for more than half a year because of differences such as "the collection is going to be lined up," "the value of the collection has fallen," and "the auction will not be held until the age of the next year." In the meantime, in order to advance to the diamond members can be given priority to release gimmicks, Zhang spent 60,000 yuan to buy a set of sales recommended collections. Later, I received a call from the members of the "Beijing Collection Corporation", saying that diamond members can enjoy the qualification to purchase limited-level collections, and Zhang again invested 130,000 yuan.

Most of the scammers were elderly people like Zhang. Many of them were attracted by the company's "shopping guide" to issue small gift vouchers such as gift vouchers on the roadside. Some were also attracted by the company's customer service through reliable telephone calls. The gimmick is generally a company that engages in business, and can hold collection judgments. The focus is on gifts. After the elderly join, the most common thing is to talk about the family, to find out what the elderly are like, and those who are rich and lacking in care do n’t care. Many elderly people do not know that these "excellent" sales are all acting skills, not to mention that in this seemingly intimate chat, their own personality temperament, family environment, including relationships among members, income and investment resumes have been leaked. With small gifts from companies ranging from 5 cents to 2 yuan in wholesale prices, few elderly people are honoured to escape in the "property stories" of these sporty men and women.

"Greedy, want to get rid of the object, but want to make more money", "Maximize her benefits in name", "Let her trust the company first, let her think they have self-control ..." These cultural companies A large amount of customer analysis data is stored in the computer. For every customer who joins the company, the gang members are aware of the fire, and the corresponding "sales strategy" also has an exclusive "private custom". In order to avoid police investigations, the company used cash or POS machines to swipe cards throughout the business process, and customer information did not register with ID numbers. The existence of objective company personnel has great mobility, which has also brought considerable difficulty to police investigations. However, the police still sorted out the illegal facts of more than a thousand victims and the amount involved in the case exceeded 20 million yuan from the large-scale investigation materials seized from the six dens.

Routine drama step by step to trap the elderly

The police discovered in the observation that these companies often use the relatively low value of the fourth set of RMB or nostalgic notes as an introduction to the old people. If the old people have collections, the sales suggest that the company can auction them. From the initial purchase of the collections they promoted to become members, the elderly have become “syndicates”, “residences”, “customer income statements”, “financial subsidies”, “advanced members”, “headquarters phones”, etc. The people in the drama of the sales routine are gradually stepped into the pit of emptying their hard-earned money. Bought collections have been unable to cash out, which has become a permanent pain in the hearts of old people, and this is also a major source of alarm for "consumption disputes".

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