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How much jade bracelets and pictures Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

Hetian jade bracelets have always been well received. The value of hetian jade bracelets is affected by many factors, ranging from a thousand yuan hetian jade bracelet to a few hundred thousand yuan or higher hetian jade bracelet. The color, appearance, Moisture, whiteness, shape, weight and other factors are the key to judging the value of Hetian jade bracelets. Therefore, the Hetian jade bracelet is worth a few dollars. The value of the Hetian jade bracelet is not expensive. There is no unified and reliable answer.

How much jade bracelets and pictures

For example, Xinjiang's best Hetian jade seed bracelets can be as high as 300,000 yuan to 1 million yuan; blue and white jade seed bracelets are worth tens of thousands of yuan; Hetian jade bracelets are mostly marketed at 6000 to tens of thousands of yuan. The good base price is between 20,000 and 30,000. The wide Qinghai bracelets will be worth 4,000 to 20,000, and even the good ones will break 20,000. The market value of Korean bracelets is generally in the hundreds to thousands. In detail, for each Hetian jade bracelet, the quality difference and value are different, and the value is high or low. What is said here is only possible.

Hotan jade bracelets general geometric money and pictures

Hetian white jade flower blooms a bracelet. 57.5mm, worth ¥ 55600

Hotan jade bracelets general geometric money and pictures

Mountain Material Hotan Jasper Safety Bracelet, 58mm, valued at RMB 76600

Hotan jade bracelets general geometric money and pictures

Mountain material Hetian sugar jade round bracelet, 59.5mm, value: ¥ 1380

Hotan jade bracelets are worth a lot of money. Generally speaking, the more delicate and oily, the better the color, the more refined the craftsmanship, the heavier the slivers, the higher the value of Hotan jade bracelets. As a result, the difference between different channels and the value of Tianyu bracelets in the difference stage is different.

How to choose Hetian jade bracelets

First, do you like the colors?

The color of Hetian jade bracelets is colorful and belongs to everyone. The first thing that catches the eye is the color. The color that different people like is also different, but what you should pay attention to is that the color of the bracelet should be symmetrical and the mottled colors should be eliminated. For example, the appearance of spots, "stone flowers" and so on should be carefully selected, because these will probably affect the price of jade bracelets. Find a color that works best for you. Here is a small initiative: young women and fair-skinned people can choose bracelets with lighter colors such as white jade and blue-white jade to highlight the youthful vitality while highlighting the complexion.

Whether there are cracks

Check carefully for cracks. Cracks are a common problem with Hetian jade bracelets, one crack destroys all. When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully investigate whether the layout of the back of the bracelet and the front and back sides are complete. Some obvious external cracks can be felt by hand. When necessary, some cracks that are not visible to the naked eye can be inspected with a high magnifying glass to stop them. After the purchase, the internal small cracks continue to deepen under the influence of external forces, which ultimately affects the elegance and cost of the bracelet. In addition to inspecting cracks, the polishing process of the bracelet is also very important. Selecting a polished bracelet that is smooth and smooth is the best.

How much internal impurities

To determine if Hetian Yubu bought, you need a flashlight to look at the internal layout. If you can see that there are many internal impurities in the lamp, do not choose. If there are fewer impurities, such as small defects such as cotton and waterline, it is normal. phenomenon. However, it depends on the position where these small flaws appear, whether it will affect the wear. So, it depends on whether you can take over the flaw.

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