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China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch invites Chinese arts and crafts master Jiang Xijiao Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-06

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On July 5, China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch invited the Chinese arts and crafts master Jiang Xi to give a lecture on "Hetian Jade Culture and Ornamental".

讯(记者朱琳通讯员李昕)7月5日,光大银行深圳分行连系深圳晚报,配合推出中国工艺美术大师蒋喜“和田玉文化与观赏”讲座。 Shenzhen News Network, July 5 (Reporter Zhu Lin correspondent Li Xin) On July 5, China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch contacted Shenzhen Evening News with the launch of the "Hetian Jade Culture and Ornamental" lecture by the Chinese arts and crafts master Jiang Xi. Mr. Jiang Xi invited Jiangxi Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, Master of Chinese Jade Carvings, Representative Inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage (Suzhou Jade Carving), Researcher-level Senior Craftsman of Arts and Crafts, to the VIP customers and citizens of Everbright Bank to decompose the Hetian jade culture. At the cost, he teaches He Tianyu's ornamental methods and promotes traditional Chinese culture.

China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch specially invited Jiang Xi, a Chinese arts and crafts master, to teach

Master Jiang Xi of Chinese Arts and Crafts

Among the highlights of this lecture, Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Shenzhen Biheyuan Jewelry Creative Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jiangxi Stone Beauty (Meishifang) Jade Carving Room, Futian District Huaqiangbei Street Mass Cultural Society, Huaqiangbeijiu Fang Shopping Center, Guosheng Securities supported.

Jade carving is China's most stale carving art, and is the treasure of the Chinese civilization for thousands of years. Su Zuo's jade carving has a fine design, deep martial arts, and has been renewed for a long time. According to the introduction, Jiang Xi is a benchmark figure of Suzhou jade carving. He created many firsts for Subang jade carving: the first "Chinese arts and crafts master" in Suzhou jade carving industry; the first generation of national-level jade carving masters; the first batch Representative representative of intangible culture; Suzhou jade carving industry is the first to hold a national tour of private works; Suzhou jade carving industry is the first to write books "Stone Beauty" and "Taihu Shenbao" to summarize its own jade carving resume and techniques ; The first to successfully copy ancient jade carvings and restore the long-lost "Han Eight Swords", "Gossamer woolen carvings" and other extraordinary swords; found the "Dragon and Phoenix Pairs" series, "Stones and Three Treasures" and "dispel evil" subjects ; The first craftsman to hold a private jade carving art exhibition at the National Art Museum of China.

China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch specially invited Jiang Xi, a Chinese arts and crafts master, to teach

Scene of "Hetian Jade Culture and Ornamental" lecture by Jiang Xi, a master of Chinese arts and crafts

Master Jiang Xi is known for his antique jade carvings. He has researched the magnificent jade articles of Gaogu, Yin Shang, the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Warring States Period, the Han Dynasty, and the Tang and Song Dynasties. He is also very good at dealing with jade carvings in the Ming and Qing dynasties. His accomplishments, his ancient works are meticulous and full of ancient charm. At the same time, Master Jiang Xi's thinking of lines is unique. He reversed the traditional jade carving techniques such as "Gossamer Hair Carving", "Slanted Knife Worker" and "Han Eight Knife", which have long been lost. The "Housou Maodiao" in the ancient Han Dynasty was as thin as silk, broken and continuous, bent to a certain degree, and struck iron while it was hot. "Hanbadao" is clean and sharp, with simple lines, refined style, and sharp edge.

In the lecture, Mr. Jiang Xi explored the beautiful jade; taught the ancient but did not imitate the ancient-Gui shared the innovation and other contents, and gave an in-depth lecture on the ancient and the creative in the jade carving creation of this world, which benefited the high friends on the spot. shallow. At the lecture site, the members of the China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch introduced various product businesses such as personal financial management, private banking, overseas finance, and credit card business to join Gaopeng, allowing listeners to have a deeper understanding of the financial products of China Everbright Bank. .

China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch specially invited Jiang Xi, a Chinese arts and crafts master, to teach

Hetian jade

In addition, the lecture also arranged an exhibition of Jiangxi Jade Carving Art in the art space of Huaqiang North Jiufang Shopping Center, attracting a continuous stream of people to watch the scene. According to Lou Rong, the deputy general manager of the China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch Office, the bank has always adhered to a customer-centric and market-oriented philosophy, taking root in Shenzhen, serving the real economy, and working to satisfy customers' financial needs. Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch is constantly innovating in ways of working, and cooperates with the news media to carry out rich and colorful customer feedback activities such as public welfare culture and health care, so that lenient customers can enjoy rich and colorful value-added services. China Everbright Bank was founded in 1992, and the group headquarters is located in Beijing. By the end of 2018, the total assets of the group reached 4.8 trillion yuan. In 2018, China Everbright Bank achieved revenues of 110.3 billion yuan and a net profit of 33.6 billion yuan. China Everbright Bank ranked 39th in the "World's 1000 Largest Banks" announced in 2018.

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