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Ruili vigorously grows new format of emerald live broadcast Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-03

Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture take the opportunity to build a tree in the Dehong area of China (Yunnan) Free Commercial Pilot Zone, take the vigorous development of the new Jade Live Broadcasting business as a breakthrough, and give full play to the demonstration. Lead the probation. Promote high-quality growth of the digital economy. Quality upgrade, making it a digital economic growth sample in Dehong area of China (Yunnan) Free Commercial Pilot Zone.

According to acquaintance, with the rapid growth of the mobile Internet in recent years, live broadcast sales have grown into a new format of e-commerce wealth, especially because of the rapid growth of jade live broadcast sales. Dehong Prefecture has made full use of the location and resource advantages of Burma adjacent to the world's jadeite origin, and strived to make good use of the preferential policies unique to Ruili's focus on opening up the experimental area and the Dehong area of the China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and successively introduced shaking in Ruili City. More than 10 online live broadcast platforms, including audio, Taobao, and YY, have successively created jadeite live broadcast bases such as Taobao,, and LIVE, which have attracted nearly 30,000 people to conduct jadeite live broadcast business operations in Ruili City around the clock, beginning to estimate 2019 Ruili Jade live broadcast business is expected to break 10 billion yuan.

Ruili LIVE Jade Live Broadcasting Base, the first large-scale digital economy project introduced in the Dehong area of China (Yunnan) Free Commercial Pilot Zone, is estimated to have 5,000 live broadcast rooms, 3,000 vibrato platforms, 1,000 watermelon short video platforms, and small volcano videos. 1000 platforms. Since the establishment of the base, more than 700 jewelry companies have received applications, and a total of 1,956 live broadcast booths have been applied. Among the live broadcast booths that have expired for one month, three live broadcast booths have monthly sales of more than 10 million yuan.

Dehong Prefecture attaches great importance to the growth of the jadeite emerging market, and has successively introduced "Dehongzhou Jewelry and Jadeite Jadeite Internet Live Business Routine Provisional Steps" and "Ruili City Jewelry and Emeraldite Internet Business Routine Provisional Plan", and has configured a strict live streaming business access mechanism , Made strict requirements on the quality, cost-effectiveness and quality of live products. Types were organized in terms of training and auditing, type management, source control, after-sale protection, and enhanced banning, laying the foundation for the growth of the new format of Jade Live Broadcasting.

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