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43 works stand out as award-winning, citizens are mixed with jadeite Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-04

Foshan Daily reporter Wu Rong correspondent Diao Xiuling reports: This past weekend, the bright stars of Pingzhou Jade Street in Nanhai not only attracted hundreds of outstanding jewellery designers at home to participate in the award ceremony of the first JDC jade jewelry design competition in 2019. The union exhibited 43 award-winning works that stood out in this competition, making citizens fascinated by the beauty of jadeite .

According to the introduction, this jade jewelry design competition was sponsored by China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and Pingzhou Jewelry and Jade Association of Nanhai District. In three months, more than 200 people from all over the country signed up to participate in the competition, and eventually received more than 400 entries. After strict selection by the judges, a total of 43 well-designed jadeite design works stood out, and won gold, silver, bronze and outstanding works.

Li Mingen, chairman of the Pingzhou Jewelry and Jade Association, hinted that the reason for this competition was the need for high-quality growth of the jade jewelry industry. "On the one hand, by attracting the attention of designers, the brand of Pingzhou jadeware is sold out; on the other hand, I also hope to inject design elements into Pingzhou jadeware and open the young people's market." It is the weak point of Pingzhou jade, if you want young people to like jade, it must be achieved through inlaying and design. The Pingzhou Jewelry and Jade Association intends to invite jewelry designers from Southeast Asia and Western European countries to participate in the coming year to create an international and fashionable jade design competition and promote the international influence of Pingzhou Jade.

In addition to the Jade Jade Jewelry Design Award, a plaque awarding ceremony for the "Integrity Planning Alliance Unit" on Jade Street in Pingzhou was held. A total of 19 units received the plaque.

Original Title: The First JDC Jade Jewellery Design Competition 2019 Ends in Pingzhou

Excellent designers empower Pingzhou Jade

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