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2019 China Jade Cultural Wealth Annual Conference kicks off Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-05

China News Network, Zhaoqing, December 5 (Sou Youwei, Huang Xiaofeng, Li Hongfeng) "2019 China Jade Cultural Wealth Annual Meeting" December 5 in Guangdong, which enjoys the reputation of "Hometown of Chinese Jade Articles", "China's Top Ten Leisure County" The opening of Sihui City, Zhaoqing City, Province. The theme of the annual conference is "How to Promote the High-quality Growth of Jade Cultural Wealth in the New Era" as the theme, to promote the identity and exchange of the inland jade industry, and to explore the new name and model of the jade industry.

The annual meeting was held by the people's authority of Sihui City and the China Jewellery and Gemstone Jewellery Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Baoxie Association"). Representatives from jewellery and jade related organizations and enterprises from the country and the country gathered in the four meetings to discuss the new situation. A new trend in the growth of inland jadeite jade jewelry and jade wealth is a suitable point for the interaction between the vein of jade jade wealth and the economic growth of the premises.

Liang Zhenjie, deputy director of the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry R & D Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, hints that China has a long history of jewelry and jade consumption. In 2018, China ’s jewelry market sales reached nearly 700 billion yuan, and consumption of gold, diamonds, and jade products ranked among the top in the world. Looking ahead, China's jewelry industry has huge growth potential.

“岭南玉派文化艺术传承地”授牌典礼。 索有为 摄

"Lingnan Jade School Culture and Art Heritage Site" Awarding Ceremony. Ask for action

Huang Jianping, secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee, said at the opening ceremony that "the stone of other mountains will be perfect." The wealth of jade artifacts in the Sihui began in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China a hundred years ago. The fast track of growth has become the characteristic wealth and wealth of the people of Sihui. At present, the city has more than 4,000 jade processing workshops, nearly 200,000 employees, nearly 30,000 jade carving artists, annual consumption of 70% of Burma's jade jade raw materials, jade jade production accounts for 80% of the country's total (a Chinese jade jade ornaments account for more than 90%), with an annual processing of nearly ten thousand tons of jade jadeite.

According to the introduction, the Sihui has worked hard to build a new model of "jadeware + live broadcast" sales in recent years, with an average daily live broadcast sales of 30 million yuan. This year's "Double 11" e-commerce sales reached a new high of 270 million yuan.

At the opening ceremony, China Baoxie Association awarded the Four Meetings the title of "Lingnan Jade School Culture and Art Heritage Site". As early as 2003, the Fourth Meeting was awarded the title of "Chinese Jewelry, Jade and Jewelry Wealth Base" awarded by China Baoxie Association.

2019中国翡翠财富成长对话大会 索有为 摄

2019 China Jade Wealth Growth Dialogue Conference

During the operation, the selection of "2019 China Jade Wealth Growth Dialogue Conference" and "2019 China Jade Engraving Works Huabiao Award" were also selected, which attracted the jade jewelry and jade wealth practitioners from all over the country to focus on the confluence of growth.

At present, the city has 13 jade specialized markets such as Tianguang Market, International Jade City, Wanxinglong Jade City, and Jade City, and has about 3,200 jade shops, with an annual output value of 30 billion yuan; the city plans to build a "Bay Area Jade "City, Cultural Tourism and Zen Town"-a Sihui jade cultural characteristic town in Guangdong. As an innovative growth platform with clear wealth positioning, cultural internality, tourism and livable community achievements, the town will highlight the jade cultural brand and promote jade jade Wealth and modern branch business innovation and growth, and strive to build a "national-level jade wealth economic highland, Guangdong province-city integration demonstration base, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area jade culture tourism destination" to add new momentum for the growth of Sihui jade wealth. (Finish)

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