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Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals complained of false propaganda: spending 40,000 to buy weight-loss physics Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-09

Consumer Zhang spent nearly 40,000 yuan to buy weight loss products of Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals, the effect is "it will take 40 days without a pound to lose weight". On December 3, Zhang was on a third-party complaint platform "Ju Complaint" The complaint information was announced, claiming that Guangdong Ye ’s Pharmaceuticals had told her that she had lost 50 kilograms in “65 days”, which was “false sales inducement to consumers” and requested that the money be refunded accordingly.

In response, a reporter from China Net Finance called Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals to hold an interview. After receiving the call, the person in charge of the other party learned that it was the reporter's interview and hung up the phone.

Ju complaints website shows that Zhang Mou's complaint to Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals was “false sales induce consumers”, and demanded a refund of 37,258 yuan.

Zhang said that because he saw the weight-loss pills promoted by companies on the Internet, he ordered a 398 yuan pill through the Internet. After taking a few days, someone on the phone called the results and asked the nutritionist. "In order to lose weight quickly, I adopted their opinions." Zhang stated that she had paid four times. In addition to the first 398 yuan, she also ordered a course of treatment of 3860 yuan. "It said that I could lose 110 to 65 in 65 days, and I would weigh 160. I bought it. The third time made me transfer 13,000 again, saying it was fat-dissolving, and the fourth time made me transfer 20,000 again, saying it was to add fat to my body and adjust the body. " 40 days, but how much is thin without any business reason, but a pound is not thin. "Then I negotiated a refund with them, and I always shirk my sincerity, and then they let me (inherit) transfer money (buy products)."

The sky eye survey showed that Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceutical was founded in 2016, and its products surround health care R & D, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pharmacy, and healing.

The reporter from China Net Finance invented that the complaint platform on Guangdong Ye ’s Pharmaceuticals had nearly 55 complaints over the past two years. Last year alone, there were more than 40. The content of the complaints mainly focused on the invalidity of weight loss products and false publicity .

The reporter noticed that in the vast number of complaints, most consumers demanded a refund from the company, with a minimum of several thousand yuan and a maximum of 100,000 yuan. A Zhu Mis complained on the Jucom complaint platform on June 15 last year that "they were defrauded by Guangdong's Ye family for RMB 12,37,700 (the original text)." After more than 7 months of negotiations, Zhu Mies said in the complaint message, "I and Guangdong Yeshi Pharmaceutical Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. have already handled the issue through friendly negotiation."

In addition, the reporter also noticed that Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals had been sued by consumers for selling weight loss products.

According to a statement released by China Judgment Documents Network in September this year, Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceutical and its affiliated company Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceutical E-Commerce Co., Ltd. ("Ye's Commerce Company") lost weight due to the purchase of the company by consumers. The product involved in the "Internet shopping treaty dispute case." The judgment showed that the defendant Ye's Commercial Company sold food and health food without obtaining a food planning license, which should be considered fraudulent. In response, the court ruled that the defendant Ye's Commercial Company returned the price of 96,180 yuan to the plaintiff Yu. And compensated the plaintiff Yu Mou for three times the purchase price of the goods, namely 288,540 yuan, totaling 384,720 yuan.

Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals complained of false propaganda: spending 40,000 to buy weight-loss physics

Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals complained of false propaganda: spending 40,000 to buy weight-loss physics

Origin: China Referee Document Network

The reporter appreciated the invention on the official website of Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals. The website showed a variety of slimming products, including aloe soft capsules, tincture tea, probiotic powder, vitamin C plus E soft capsules. The website claims, "In recent years, a series of research and time by its team has confirmed that the united product of enzymes, meal replacement powder and ancient tea can bring outstanding weight loss results to obese people."

Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals complained of false propaganda: spending 40,000 to buy weight-loss physics

Origin: Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceutical Website

Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceuticals complained of false propaganda: spending 40,000 to buy weight-loss physics

Origin: Reporter and Guangdong Wechat sales staff talk about the record

A reporter from China Net Finance called the Guangdong Ye's Pharmaceutical Consulting Hotline as a consumer. The other party hinted that he was only serious about after-sales services. If he needs to consult the product information, a special person will reply later. Subsequently, a self-proclaimed "Golden Routine Staff" contacted the reporter, but the pictures of the weight-loss products sent to the reporter by the other party did not indicate the relevant information of Ye's Pharmaceutical, which was inconsistent with the product packaging displayed on the Ye's Pharmaceutical website . In this regard, the other party stated that "the product is arranged according to the personal environment."

In response to consumer complaints about the follow-up hopes of the “ false propaganda ” incident of Guangdong Ye ’s Pharmaceuticals ’slimming products, China Net Finance will continue to pay attention.