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Double eleven enlargement, Suning International's world's first pure shopping tour group enters Japan Source: Global Tesco Date: 2019-12-11

On November 6, the weather in Nanjing was beautiful. As clear as the weather, there are still the faces of the seven buyers of the Suning International Day Double Eleventh Japan Tracing Mission. At more than 8 am, the 7 Suning International buyers took an international flight to Nanjing, Japan in Tokyo, and began a five-day journey back to Japan.

Double eleven enlargement, Suning International's world's first pure shopping tour to Japan

It is reported that this 7 buyer group is composed of 3 Suning International real users, 1 Suning International foreign buyer, 2 popular anchors, and 1 vibrato.

Different from ordinary traceability groups, this Suning International's traceability journey not only surpasses the international, but also sets the precedent for the world 's first non-scenic pure shopping tour group. It is reported that in these 5 days in Japan, they will incarnate as Suning International buyers and go to the Spa to specifically meet the entire process of the development and production of Spa Viper Eye Mask; go to Kao to dig deeper into the mysteries behind the diapers; go to ISDG to explore Japan The secret of health food; go to the Laox duty-free shop in Suning, and pick up genuine Japanese goodies for consumers on the front line ...

Tracing the origin of each product, visiting each production workshop, Suning International ’s Ben Yue Japan's journey of tracing to Japan is precisely to bring to each consumer more quality, more trustworthy, and more admired global authentic products Good stuff.

To this end, during the Double Eleventh period, Suning International also linked up with 32 well-known global brands and announced the establishment of a genuine guarantee alliance to ensure the quality of products from the source. At the same time, through the application of blockchain skills, Suning International will provide a unique “identity card” for each newly purchased cross-border imported goods, effectively preventing the fraud of Haitao Logistics.

On November 6, Suning International also launched the Double Eleven Global Opening Day, helping consumers to buy genuine and good goods around the world with affordable value.

Suning International was founded in 2014. As the leading cross-border e-commerce platform under the Suning Group, Suning International focuses on creating high-quality ways of living. The categories include beauty, mother and baby, food, health care, 3C digital, household daily use, and clothing. , Luggage, bags and other major categories, satisfied consumers do not go abroad to buy the world's needs.

Different from other cross-border e-commerce, Suning International's biggest advantage lies in the constant and strong overseas localized supply chain, which can ensure that the products purchased are genuine. At present, Suning has 29 offline stores in Hong Kong and 41 Laox stores in Japan. It has 1 subsidiary, 2 branches, 6 service offices around the world, and has major regions in Europe, America, Australia, and East Asia. Each has its own professional buyer team, with nearly a thousand overseas buyers in nearly a hundred countries around the world.

Double eleven enlargement, Suning International's world's first pure shopping tour to Japan

In addition to being structured online, following the opening of Suning Polarity 3.0 and Suning Red Kids 3.0, Suning International extended its imported merchandise business to offline. In the next three years, Suning International will build 150 smart and authentic foreign stores in first- and second-tier cities at home, including 10 large-scale smart experience stores and 140 standard smart flagship stores. Overseas stories with good stories and livelihoods are introduced to domestic markets. Overseas high-quality brand zones, designers, restaurants, and other methods are launched in offline shopping malls. Frequently updated brand interactions and smart experiences are provided. By providing smart experiences in a row, consumers can get Emotional links, satisfying the needs of consumers' nature and diversity.

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